20 new MicroStation V7 and V8 training courses released!

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  • CLEARWATER, FLORIDA, USA — Axiom is proud to announce the release of the full V7 and V8 Essentials training libraries, the most comprehensive MicroStation courses available for LearningBay. With 20 new e-learning courses, training MicroStation users has never been easier, faster or less expensive.

    With the release of the V7 and V8 Essentials libraries, LearningBay is the most complete computer-based, MicroStation training system available.

    LearningBay is the training system that allows users to train on basic and advanced MicroStation topics right from their desks. An online solution, LearningBay was designed with ease of use and speed of implementation in mind. Courses are presented via a Web browser, allowing students to connect to LearningBay on their own schedule and train at their own pace, thus reducing production time wasted on traveling for training.

    Studied all the way through, each Essentials library is designed to take a novice and train them to proficiency on that version of MicroStation. For the experienced user, these courses deliver targeted training covering specific areas of need. The Essentials libraries are the ideal training solution for MicroStation users at all skill levels.

    The need for training
    Extensive surveys of MicroStation CAD managers show that increased MicroStation training would increase productivity in the majority of MicroStation shops. Whether to train new staff or fill in gaps in certain areas, effective, efficient delivery of MicroStation training is in high demand.

    The Essentials libraries
    Each MicroStation V7 and V8 Essentials library is composed of ten distinct courses, each dealing with a specific subject area, forming a comprehensive curriculum covering the whole of that version of MicroStation.

    Some sample course titles include:

    • Working with Libraries, Text and Annotation Tools.
    • Referencing Information, Using Raster Images and Plotting Designs.
    • AccuDraw and Mastering AccuDraw Techniques.
    • Changing, Manipulating and Modifying Design Components.

    From the very basics of V7 to the newest and most complex functionality in V8, with these new libraries, users can gain proficiency in nearly all aspects of MicroStation.

    In each course students will find an interactive learning environment like no book or classroom. Unlike a book, the student can do hands-on drills in each lesson, with movies, audio and interactive multimedia presentations. Unlike a classroom, each student can progress at their own pace, ensuring they fully understand each section before moving on. And of course they can come back and review as often as desired.

    In terms of quantity of data the Essentials libraries are loaded. Each course — and don’t forget there are ten in each library — has at least 150 pages. In addition to the lesson text, courses are loaded with illustrations and diagrams and hands-on virtual environments that allow users to practice skills learned, without having to load MicroStation. Add it all up and each library has over 1,500 pages, over 1,500 illustrations, 350 pop quizzes, 30 exams and 350 hands-on environments!

    Sample LearningBay lesson from V8 Essentials 201 — Building Selection Sets, Using Fences and Forming Groups.

    Commitment to training
    Axiom has made a commitment to MicroStation training. Training is fundamental to any business, more so those businesses requiring highly technical skills. This is an area where Axiom intends to offer top solutions. LearningBay and the release of these 20 new courses are part of that commitment.

    As training gains wider importance in the engineering world and as new, more effective methods of training are sought, Axiom and LearningBay stand ready to meet the MicroStation community’s training needs.

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