30-year engineering veteran shares his MicroStation productivity secrets.

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  • FORT WORTH, TEXAS, USA — As a 30-year engineering veteran, Arturo Gonzales of Carter & Burgess knows the complications that can occur when trying to coordinate people with the goal of achieving a common target, like completing a project on time. To get people coordinated, Arturo has integrated MicroStation Productivity Toolkit into his workflow to maximize efficiency and ensure design file uniformity.

    Arturo Gonzales, Carter & Burges

    When asked how he unites his group to end up with the best possible outcome for everyone involved his answer was, “I go to my Toolkit and solve whatever issue arises with one of my many remedies.”

    Read on for more details on how Arturo uses MicroStation Productivity Toolkit to keep his projects on track.

    MicroStation Today: How did you get into CAD?
    Arturo: I have been in the engineering field for over thirty years. My first job was as a surveyor during my senior year of high school. After college, I moved to the Dallas/Fort Worth area (Texas) and worked as a drafter for a structural steel company. Then, I made my way into the civil engineering field and was introduced to CAD, and a few years later, to MicroStation.

    During my career, I have accomplished some noteworthy milestones. First: introducing CAD to two engineering firms and helping them implement CAD standards. Second: teaching CAD professionally for two years. Third: being involved in the start-up of a CAD user group in the Phoenix, Arizona area.

    I am the go-to guy. I am regularly asked by my employers to lead or be involved in educating other employees and researching new products to keep the company competitive in the marketplace.

    MST: Can you give some details on what you do?
    Arturo: I work with the design of 1,000,000+ square feet distribution centers, across the United States. I will usually start with exhibits for local agencies to review our concept. Then, I will lay out our site design. From there, others in our group will begin their designs for storm drain and grading. I will later on, start creating designs for utilities, paving and erosion protection. Also, I review designs for basic concept uniformity. I ensure that company standards are being followed. This entails quality-controlling the plans at periodic points in the design stage.

    MST: How do Axiom utilities help you with those issues?
    Arturo: I really cannot do without FileFixer, RefManager and RefFence.

    Design file corruption has been a common issue that has been easy to overcome with FileFixer. I get called often to find out why the DGN files won’t act normally. When others have exhausted their ideas, I will usually end up repairing the files with FileFixer. Being trained on FileFixer has helped tremendously.

    Also, supervising design updates and file revisions across disciplines has been made easier with RefManager and RefFence. Routinely, when we start up a new project, we need to change file names and references in all the DGN files for a project. This can add up to over a hundred sheets, just for the civil files. RefManager is invaluable in this scenario and has made this a much simpler task.

    Finally, DgnCompare is a wonderful tool to note, as it distinguishes between revisions and shows me how changes effect the concept of our overall design.

    MST: How have Axiom products benefited your company?
    Arturo: I know many man-hours are saved when we use these products. I can only imagine what the dollar savings are. What I do know is this ? not staying late to rebuild or revise drawings is priceless.

    MST: Thank you, Arturo.
    Arturo: Thank you for this article. After 30+ years in the engineering field, I am very humbled by your company’s recognition.

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