Quick access to past values in AccuDraw

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  • AccuDraw is a truly wonderful tool for design work that speeds up your production. But something that you may not be aware of is that you can use the <Page Up> and <Page Down> keys on your keyboard to cycle through past key-in values. This is great to know when you have to make lots of entries of similar distances, but not the same one over and over.

    Here is a really simple example. Let’s say you want to draw a rectangle that is five working units wide and ten working units long. You would place your first line segment (five working units) and then the next line segment (ten working units). For the third segment you would want to re-use the first value, so you would lock to the appropriate axis and hit <Page Up> until you find the value you need. If you go past it, you can hit <Page Down> to go back. Do the same for the fourth segment and you’ll have your rectangle.

    While using AccuDraw, by pressing on your keyboard’s <Page Up> and <Page Down> buttons, you can quickly access values you have used before.

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