Adjusting the PDF Plot Driver

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    1. Open a design file and select “File | Print” from the main menu. This opens the Print dialog box.
    2. Locate the magnifying glass icon under the Print and Paper Size label. It should be next to the Bentley Driver drop-down menu.
    3. From the Select Printer dialog box, choose the PDF.PLT file and press . This activates the PDF plot driver.
    4. Edit the PDF plot driver file. Select “File | Edit Print Driver” from the menu inside the Print dialog box. This opens the plot driver file in Notepad.
    5. As a safety precaution, save the file as another name by selecting “File | Save As” from the Notepad menu. In our example, well name it PDF2.PLT. Remember that all plot drivers are simple text files with a “PLT” extension.
    6. For the most part, the PDF plot driver doesn’t require any changes to generate a PDF file. However, the new PDF file does offer the ability to toggle levels on or off from inside Acrobat Reader. But it needs to be enabled.
    7. In the Notepad window, locate the section called, “Turn the Level/File optional content on and off.” Enable this function by removing the semicolon in front of the line immediately below this function. It must look exactly like the following line:
    8. CmdName /appname=”pdf” /command=”FileOptionalContent” /qualifier= “On”
    9. Comment out the next line by inserting a semicolon in front of it. The line must look exactly like this:
    10. ;CmdName /appname=”pdf” /command=”FileOptionalContent” /qualifier=”Off”
    11. Save the changes in the PDF plot driver by selecting “File | Save”.
    12. Once the new PDF driver is saved, it needs to be reloaded. Click on the magnifying glass icon next to the Bentley Driver drop-down menu.
    13. Select and activate the PDF2.PLT file from the Select Printer Driver file box.
    14. Now print the same file by clicking the Print icon. Enter the name and location for the new PDF file. Watch the progress bar as the PDF is created. When completed, the “Finished Creating Print” message appears inside the Status Area.
    15. Locate and open the PDF file using Acrobat Reader 6.0 or a newer version. Once the PDF file is opened, press the Layers tab on the left side. All level names appear inside the left display area. Click the eye icon to toggle levels on or off.

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