Ahead, warp factor nine! — Axiom’s LearningBay Enterprise pushes learning to new frontiers.

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  • By David McDaniel
    Clearwater, Florida, USA — Just as the famous starship, the USS Enterprise, represented the pinnacle of man’s advances in space travel, so too does Axiom’s LearningBay Enterprise represent a technological peak. Companies can now train dozens, hundreds, even thousands of employees easily online – anywhere, anytime.

    What does LearningBay Enterprise have in common with this starship? They are both technologically advanced and bad to the bone.

    LearningBay Enterprise is an LMS (Learning Management System) designed to deliver online training – but if it were a starship it would be a dreadnought (a heavily armed battleship). This system is big and it’s bad and it’s built to engage in any training conflict and win. Check out some of these features:

    • Scalability — LearningBay Enterprise’s capacity is limited only by hardware. In our largest test to date, on a basic server, Enterprise supported over 16,000 users at the same time, with no degradation of performance.
    • Customization — From reports to the actual layout of the courses, you can customize LearningBay Enterprise using simple configuration files to create your individualized online corporate university.
    • Integration — Move student records and performance information from LearningBay Enterprise to XML, comma-delimited files or Excel spreadsheets for easy integration into other internal systems.
    • Standard curriculum creation — When someone is hired, just enter their job title and they are automatically enrolled in the appropriate courses. No need to manually enroll each student in a long list of courses.

    As with many successful systems, LearningBay Enterprise was designed from the start to incorporate existing, proven technologies. Specifically, our goal was to ensure Enterprise worked seamlessly with the already vast arsenal of Axiom courses. Axiom has invested years creating training libraries and LearningBay Enterprise takes full advantage of this stockpile. Further, Enterprise is poised to deliver new courses as they roll off the line. In short, Enterprise is fully integrated and has seamlessly joined the fleet.

    Launched in the Spring of 2007, LearningBay Enterprise was christened to the cheers of companies around the world. This was the big weapon needed in the war on ineffective training and as soon as it became available, Enterprise was pressed into service.

    One of its first calls to duty, in fact, was to defend the home planet. Axiom was besieged with hundreds of requests from individual MicroStation users who had no easy, cost-effective way to take care of their training needs. With no large-scale system available, there was no way to offer these users a good solution. The only option was to send each user individual training CDs. With Enterprise, however, Axiom was able to implement one system and allow all individual users to connect easily to a single site hosted by Axiom. Large companies are now able to host their own learning management system to train their students. Many already have.

    If your company needs a training solution for MicroStation, GEOPAK or InRoads, then LearningBay Enterprise is here. Racing ahead at full speed since its release, Enterprise stands ready to whisk you to new frontiers of learning.

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