Align Tool in MicroStation J

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By Rick DeWitt, Axiom’s Senior Technology Officer
Let’s say you’ve got a bunch of text elements that need to be left aligned due to the fact that they were placed without regard for alignment and look rather sloppy. To fix this, use the “Align Edges” tool and have it done in no time flat. This tool works on any element type and makes it quick and easy to align elements to others along the top, bottom, left, right or center points of the element.

To align these off-kilter text elements, select the “Align Edges” tool located within the “Manipulate” toolbox.

Then set the “Align” setting to “Left” in the “Tool Settings” dialog box.

Next, select the text that you want the other elements to align to.

Accept it with another data point and then select each element whose left edge you want to align to the original element selected.

Now click the <OK> button on the dialog box, and your cell library will be converted. Easy as pie.

If you make a mistake by selecting an element you do not want to align, just reset once and the element moves back to its original position. Then you can continue to select more elements. When the last element you want to move has been processed, accept it with a data point and then reset to start over with a new set of elements or select another tool. Very slick.

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