Allies in the CAD Battlefield

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Axiom and Bentley keep MicroStation users productive and efficient.

CLEARWATER, FLORIDA, USA — Axiom was already in the CAD industry when Bentley gave birth to MicroStation but, like a favorite uncle, Axiom immediately adopted the MicroStation community and has been a devoted supporter ever since.

Defeating production barriers with cost-efficient software solutions is one of Axiom’s rallying battle cries.

Axiom celebrates two decades of time-saving, productivity-boosting service to the international MicroStation community. Axiom and Bentley are in the unique position of having their MicroStation-specific software installed and in use at sites in every corner of the globe. Axiom is proud to synergize with Bentley in service to our mutual MicroStation clients around the world.

Assisting V7-to-V8 Migration
In early 2001, as the MicroStation community first heard about the upcoming release of MicroStation V8, Axiom clients consistently asked, “When will Axiom’s MicroStation Productivity Toolkit be available for V8?” Many of our clients confessed considerable anxiety about moving to MicroStation V8 without MicroStation Productivity Toolkit. Quite a few even told us they were delaying their move to V8 until Axiom’s products were ready. So, executing the most intense development blitzkrieg in its history, Axiom provided the MicroStation community with V8 versions of its popular applications — and clients were then ready to confidently transition to V8.

Axiom continues to advise and assist MicroStation sites around the globe with V7-to-V8 migration planning.

Did you know that Axiom is the most active proponent of MicroStation outside of Bentley itself? Axiom promotes productivity-boosting solutions for MicroStation with the publication you are reading now — the most broadly distributed printed publication exclusively for MicroStation users. Also, Axiom MicroStation Consultants conduct more than 18,000 conversations with MicroStation users every year and Axiom Product Managers and Marketing staff attend most MicroStation-related user group conferences throughout the US, where they give presentations on a diverse array of MicroStation topics. In any given week, Axiom will redirect 30 to 40 Web visitors looking for copies of MicroStation to the Bentley Web site. The list goes on.

The Axiom Help Desk — Lifeline for the MicroStation Community
With the exception of Bentley, Axiom boasts that the number of Customer Support tickets handled annually and the number of annual Customer Support service hours are unrivaled by any other organization specializing in MicroStation-related products and services.

In the process of supporting client use of Axiom applications, such as those in MicroStation Productivity Toolkit, Axiom Support increases the productivity and value of each MicroStation seat where an Axiom application is installed — maximizing client return on investment for each MicroStation license in the process.

“Thank you VERY much for your prompt response and good information.” – J.R., King County, Washington

“Axiom Support quickly got a solution to me using two tools in our Toolkit. It’s that kind of support that I appreciate.” – D.L., Lina T Ramey & Associates Incorporated

On-line Training Maximizes MicroStation Utilization.
Axiom makes it easy for customers to get trained on the tools they own. Maintenance Plus holders are entitled to on-line training on Axiom products at no additional charge.

“I have been using Toolkit for years and I learned some new things.” — W.W., URS Corporation

“I wanted to thank all of you at Axiom for your assistance over the last few months. I’ve thrown a lot of questions/issues at you and in every instance I got a quick and accurate response. Toolkit has been an incredible time saver.” — R.O., EI DuPont DE Nemours & Company

Anyone with an Internet connection and a telephone can receive Axiom training without leaving their desks. Call to schedule a time that’s convenient for you.

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