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Automatically Check Only Recent Changes When Verifying CAD Standards

New release can check for CAD standards violations, in batch, based on element modification date.

By Rick DeWitt, Axiom Senior Product Manager

One source of upset between clients and contractors is the apparent failure of the contractor to follow an established CAD standard. Many times this occurs because some of the base files provided by the client were created using an old or non-existent CAD standard. Often, contractors add to these older files and include them as part of a submittal. The problem is: How do you verify that only the new work, added by the contractor in the current project, meets the CAD standard when all the older data, which they didn’t add and which doesn’t necessarily follow the current CAD standard, exists in the same file?


Now you can easily verify that any element created after a specific date meets your CAD standards using SpecChecker’s newest feature.

To solve this dilemma for MicroStation V8 and V8i design files, a new feature was added to SpecChecker, Axiom’s CAD standards verification software. The new feature allows users to accept or reject elements based on the modification date stored in every element in a design file.

For example, let’s say you received base files for a new project on 10 July 2012 and added or modified elements as part of your contract over the following three months. With SpecChecker’s new feature, you can create a rule that automatically accepts all elements that have a modification date prior to 10 July 2012, when verifying the design files for CAD standard compliance. In this way, only elements you added or modified in the design files will be tested when verifying CAD standard compliance.


When verifying that design files meet the client’s CAD standards, SpecChecker can automatically ignore any elements that were added or modified prior to a specific date.

When verifying that design files meet the client’s CAD standards, SpecChecker can be set to automatically ignore any elements that were added or modified prior to a specific date.

On the flip side, if you are the client, you can easily verify that the work done by the contractor meets your CAD standards.

SpecChecker is known for its ability to perform CAD standard checks on design files based on “rules” that define a specific CAD standard. With SpecChecker, you can check large quantities of project design files in a batch process — or interactively — to locate any element that is not per the standard. Because SpecChecker can rapidly verify that your design files comply with a CAD standard prior to submittal, it will quickly pay for itself. SpecChecker has the ability to run in a batch process on many files at a time or can be run interactively to view and fix each violation encountered.

CAD Standards Verification Made Easy
To schedule a free, online demonstration or for more information on SpecChecker and other quality assurance software for MicroStation, contact an Axiom MicroStation Consultant today. Call 727-442-7774 extension 3428, e-mail or visit Axiom on the web at now!

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