Axiom adds SpecMonitor CAD Standards software to Toolkit.

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  • Toolkit owners with active maintenance to receive new application at no charge.

    CLEARWATER, FLORIDA, USA — As part of their ongoing effort to continually provide greater and greater value to their customers, Axiom announces that its MicroStation Productivity Toolkit, the most comprehensive package of MicroStation time-saving tools, has been further expanded by the addition of SpecMonitor. The purpose of SpecMonitor is to automate quality control by enforcing drawing standards (rules) as the operator works. SpecMonitor ensures drawings are created standardly, eliminating tedious, costly and time-consuming proofreading and correction after-the-fact. SpecMonitor can, for example, enforce your symbology standards.

    MicroStation Productivity Toolkit now includes SpecMonitor, the MicroStation utility that standardizes your MicroStation files as you create them!

    MicroStation Today readers may already be familiar with SpecMonitor’s sister application, SpecChecker. SpecChecker is used to perform quality assurance checks and make automatic corrections to batches of files.

    SpecMonitor is different — it works in real-time, as the draftsperson works, so that drawings are created properly to begin with. SpecMonitor analyzes each operator drawing action against customer-defined standards (rules) and reports and discourages violations of those rules.

    Save time now and later with SpecMonitor.
    For example, say a draftsperson is placing text in a design. Company standards require all text to go on level 60. The active level is still set to level 10 (where he was just working). He mistakenly places text on level 10. Without SpecMonitor the error could easily go undetected. Hours, weeks or months later, on the eve of submission to a client, someone (you?) performs tedious last-minute proofreading and manually corrects the misplaced text elements. Or the file is submitted with errors.

    Why not use SpecMonitor to get it right to begin with?
    With SpecMonitor, the draftsperson would be notified immediately that the text was placed on the wrong level — and with the click of a button, he can automatically move the text to the correct level. But SpecMonitor goes further — with the click of a button the draftsperson can correct the active settings so that subsequent text placement will be correct.

    Bean counters will love you.
    SpecMonitor is the 20th addition to MicroStation Productivity Toolkit for V7. Your bean counters will love to hear how MicroStation Productivity Toolkit owners reduce costs four different ways using the 20 applications in Toolkit:

    1. Axiom’s Toolkit bundle offers savings of up to 67% compared with individually purchased applications.
    2. In addition to the cost savings, Toolkit owners with active maintenance receive all component application enhancements at no additional charge, promptly shipped to their desk (or instantly downloadable from Axiom’s FTP site). These relentless enhancements provide Toolkit owners with new time-saving features multiple times throughout the year — the current MicroStation Productivity Toolkit now represents over 20 years of research and development!
    3. It is not uncommon for Toolkit owners to report that a single use of one or more Toolkit applications saves enough time and labor on a project to pay for the entire Toolkit. And then, with the original investment repaid, Toolkit owners continue to benefit from the time savings (and increased profits)!
    4. On top of all of the preceding savings, Axiom continues to add new applications to the Toolkit year after year. All Toolkit owners with active maintenance receive newly-added applications at no additional charge.

    The Axiom tradition continues with the addition of SpecMonitor to MicroStation Productivity Toolkit!

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