Axiom and Philips: Healing the sick with CellManager

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  • Eindhoven, The Netherlands — When a multinational electronics giant wants to increase quality and speed of service, who do they call?

    Philips Medical Systems (Philips) of Eindhoven, The Netherlands is one of the key players in the world of major medical devices like x-ray, CAT scan and MRI systems. After a sale of such sophisticated (and large) devices, a hospital room must be configured for the most efficient placement of the equipment. For this reason, Philips has created over 1,700 MicroStation cells for site planning. These cells graphically represent the medical devices and contain technical information for installing the devices at the customer’s site. Philips’ site planners work with customer requirements to design the best possible layout for any rooms in which these devices will be housed. As part of this process, site planners browse through the available MicroStation cells and select the appropriate ones to complete a set of pre-installation drawings for the customer.

    Using a combination of a new CellManager feature and MicroStation script files, Jean-Paul Pors, European Support Manager for Philips, is able to take a previously time-consuming manual process and turn it into an automated batch process.

    A major impediment to the site design process is the huge number of cells from many different libraries that must be browsed to design each room. Jean-Paul Pors of the site planning support department at Philips had this to say:

    “We designed a concept for improving the process of designing a hospital room and started the development with the help of DHV [an Information Management company] and Atos Origin [an Information Technology company]. The basic idea was to automatically generate system-specific cell libraries, so the site planners can have all the required cells for a specific system in one place! The master cells remain stored in their original libraries. We managed to generate configuration-based cell shopping lists (.txt files) via Excel, but found execution roadblocks in MicroStation.”

    After considering all the costs involved, it was worthwhile for Philips to look for an alternate solution. For many years, Philips’ site design team had reaped the benefits of using Axiom’s popular CellManager application to document, update, organize and manage their cell libraries. So they enlisted the help of Axiom to remove the roadblocks and create a faster way to generate system-specific cell libraries. Axiom added to CellManager the ability to create sub-libraries from a list of selected cells contained in a text file. Result: Using a combination of this new CellManager feature and MicroStation script files, Philips was able to take a previously time-consuming manual process and turn it into an automated batch process. Jean-Paul Pors of Philips says: “Involving Axiom was a good choice! Because of the great new CellManager features, we now have a process that is far more advanced and automated than we dared to dream of!”

    Using CellManager, Jean-Paul is projecting a 25% decrease in the time required for the site-planning process. CellManager can’t mend broken bones or lower your cholesterol, but can help heal those sick of browsing through massive cell libraries. No prescription needed!

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