Axiom announces the release of LearningBay Enterprise.

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  • Enterprise learning engine is now ready for IT and CAD Managers.

    Clearwater, Florida, USA — Axiom, the world’s largest provider of full e-learning courses for Bentley software, announces the release of its new learning engine called LearningBay Enterprise, designed for the IT/CAD managers who support medium to large organizations across multiple offices.

    LearningBay Enterprise compliments Axiom’s other learning engine, LearningBay Professional, by offering features that go beyond delivery of browser-based training. In addition to tracking e-learning activities, LearningBay Enterprise now offers extensive administration tools, such as registration for onsite/offsite seminars and instructor-led training.

    In recent years, Axiom has steadily developed an impressive catalog of Microsoft, MicroStation and GEOPAK courses. Students can train on MicroStation J through V8, including V8 XM — not to mention Microsoft® Office 2000/2003 and the popular Microsoft Office for Designers training courses.

    All of these browser-based courses can be delivered through LearningBay Professional and LearningBay Enterprise, right to desktops, through a web browser — without installing any software on the student’s computer.

    Over 200 companies have implemented LearningBay Professional, a learning management system that has proven both reliable and effective for presenting Axiom’s growing CAD training courses. However, after working with some of the largest engineering firms in the world, it became clear that there was a need for a true, enterprise-wide training solution.

    Enter LearningBay Enterprise, Axiom’s enterprise learning management system solution. This new solution incorporates enterprise features such as Active Directory support, a Windows technology that provides one login to the multiple systems that make up the network, detailed reporting on student progress and activities (available as an Excel spreadsheet) and supports large numbers of student logins. LearningBay Enterprise is the answer to the needs of companies with multiple offices, meeting the demands of even our largest corporate clients. After a year of surveying customers, researching and discovering what was needed, Axiom now delivers the next-generation learning engine.
    LearningBay Enterprise integrates easily with corporations who have standardized on Microsoft® products. Driven by configuration files, LearningBay Enterprise is easily customized to meet company standards and preferences. High capacity means large organizations can connect thousands of users across local area networks (LAN), wide area networks (WAN), virtual private networks (VPN) and the Internet to make training available on every desktop throughout the corporation.

    Some significant features of LearningBay Enterprise edition include:

    • Scalability — LearningBay Enterprise’s largest test to date was with over 16,000 simultaneous connected users with no degradation of performance.
    • Customization — From reports to layout, customize LearningBay Enterprise using simple configuration files to create your corporate online university.
    • Integration — Move student records and performance from LearningBay Enterprise to XML, comma delineated files or Excel spreadsheets for easy integration into other internal systems.
    • Testing — Administer pre- and post-tests to assess student performance.
    • Learning Tracks — Assign courses to job titles or company certification programs, with automatic course enrollments. This feature allows any administrator to easily add new hires, or handle employee promotions, without manually enrolling each one into required courses.

    In addition, all the features that have made Axiom’s course content for Bentley products so popular over the years are still in place. Intuitive course flow, comprehensive video lessons, hands-on labs and all the established favorites available in LearningBay Professional remain intact in LearningBay Enterprise.

    So what does this all mean? In a broad sense it means Axiom continues to expand its training offerings. Axiom’s goal is to offer a training solution for companies of all sizes and requirements, and now there is a dedicated solution for the enterprise customer.

    More specifically, medium to large companies can connect LearningBay Enterprise to existing technologies, such as, Microsoft SQL Server database, IIS web server and other human resources systems, while deploying Axiom’s extensive training libraries across the entire enterprise. Now after a year of development, Axiom’s LearningBay Enterprise is ready to go.

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