Axiom releases color raster reference file editor!

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  • New tool from Axiom can edit monochrome, grayscale and color raster reference files.

    Clearwater, Florida, USA — Axiom, the world’s most experienced developer of time-saving MicroStation solutions, announces the release of a new tool for easily editing color, grayscale and monochrome raster reference files — RasterDgn.

    Editing color and grayscale raster reference files is now affordable.

    According to Eiren Smith, the product manager for RasterDgn, “We took a careful look at RasEdit and asked ourselves how to really make it our own. How could we make it as good as we could imagine — even if we had to rewrite it?”

    RasterDgn includes the same core features as RasEdit, albeit expanded in numerous ways. A good example of this is RasEdit’s ability to “stamp” vector data into raster files. The Stamp feature has been completely redesigned in RasterDgn, resulting in support for situations that RasEdit did not support, such as filled shapes.

    RasterDgn’s settings are easier to change than in RasEdit. Where RasEdit users had to edit the settings file (RasEdit.ini) with a text editor, RasterDgn has a settings dialog box, saving users’ time and potential errors. Mr. Smith added, “We looked under every rock. If we found someplace we save MicroStation users’ time, we went after it in RasterDgn.”

    Another place where Axiom says they found room for improvement was RasterDgn’s compatibility with MicroStation’s “Undo” function. While RasEdit’s basic features supported “Undo”, some of its more advanced features did not. RasterDgn’s Despeckle, Deskew and Stamp features support “Undo”.

    Finally, there’s RasterDgn’s entirely new color and grayscale raster reference file attachment support mentioned above, two abilities absent in RasEdit. RasterDgn will include color and grayscale support from its first release, giving customers the ability to edit practically every type of raster reference file without leaving MicroStation.

    RasterDgn is the direct successor to RasEdit, the monochrome-only raster reference file attachment editor Axiom acquired earlier this year from Mill Creek Systems. RasEdit owners with active Axiom Maintenance Plus contracts can upgrade to RasterDgn free of charge.

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