Axiom releases InRoads Vertical Geometry Tools e-learning course.

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  • New course release smashes all previous records.

    Clearwater, Florida, USA — With the release of the InRoads Vertical Geometry Tools course, Axiom, the world’s most experienced developer of time-saving MicroStation solutions, hits a historic mark: One hundred new or updated e-learning courses since January 2008.

    Training increases speed and quality of design work if it’s the right training. Now with well over 100 courses on MicroStation, GEOPAK and InRoads, LearningBay has a proven track record of reducing costs and increasing income.

    With all these online courses, CAD managers can train their users on MicroStation, GEOPAK and InRoads in less time and with less expense than traditional training methods. Users train at their own desk, on their own schedule and at their own pace. The courses are “always on”, which means they can be accessed as often as users like, for review or refresher training whenever it’s needed.

    “This has been a banner year for the release of MicroStation training content from LearningBay. Since January, we’ve completed 20 InRoads courses, a dozen XM courses and numerous specialized courses such as GEOPAK 3D. We’ve also made updates to our V7 Essentials, V8 Essentials and GEOPAK courses,” states Mike Arroyo, world-renowned MicroStation evangelist and Axiom’s Vice President for Learning. “Before 2008 is out, we intend to add even more new courses to our InRoads and XM lineups — bringing those totals to 30 InRoads and 20 XM e-learning courses. That’s 50, brand-new courses covering just those two subjects alone.”

    InRoads Vertical Geometry Tools is the latest InRoads e-learning course released by LearningBay. The course covers all the necessary InRoads tools, including all concepts needed to fully grasp vertical layout. As with all of LearningBay’s InRoads e-learning courses, instruction is done through step-by-step, “hands on” exercises where the student works on actual project files. “The training is always available to fit whatever level of expertise is needed and can be delivered whenever most convenient,” adds Arroyo.

    Collectively, Axiom’s system of online training is called LearningBay. LearningBay provides computer-based training for MicroStation and MicroStation products, with several options for delivery, including LearningBay Enterprise, LearningBay Professional and LearningBay Hosted. Enterprise is designed specifically for very large organizations, Professional is a leaner system designed for small to mid-size companies, and Hosted is for companies that would rather not manage their training system themselves, no matter what size they are. All of Axiom’s e-learning courses are available via any of these methods.

    In addition to the high volume of courses produced this year, the number of students enrolled on LearningBay Hosted is also at a record high. These students use LearningBay’s managed web site to deliver their MicroStation training. Through the use of a log-in, students are able to access training anytime via an Internet connection and browser. According to Arroyo, “The popularity of our hosted solution has continued to rapidly grow and we expect to double the number of students enrolled in short order.”

    “Our e-learning solutions answer two key questions that we often hear from the MicroStation community: ‘How can we make users billable faster?’ and ‘How can we reduce our training costs?’ These releases, along with the delivery options we offer, reconfirm our commitment to deliver what’s needed and wanted by the MicroStation community,” concludes Arroyo.

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