Axiom releases LearningBay Course V8 XM — Discover 3D: Building Blocks Part 1.

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  • The new update to Discover 3D: Building Blocks Part 1 was just released. Already in demand, this course shows how to use AccuDraw in 3D and work with 3D Primitives such as slabs, cones and spheres. The course also covers how to create complex solids or SmartSolids as well as how to edit associated properties and features. The update includes videos and two step-by-step labs (50 printable pages) for building 3D mechanical parts and a 3D table.

    Upon completing this course, students will be able to:

    • Create 3D models using 3D Primitives.
    • Combine 3D Primitives to create SmartSolids.
    • Understand how to edit SmartSolids.
    • Use AccuDraw throughout the 3D design process.

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