Axiom releases the world’s first GEOPAK Survey and Advanced Road online training courses.

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  • CLEARWATER, FLORIDA, USA — Looking for a cost-efficient way to train on GEOPAK Survey or advanced roadway design? GEOPAK users can now train on GEOPAK at their own pace and on their own schedule with Axiom’s new GEOPAK Survey and GEOPAK Advanced Road training libraries.

    Screenshot from Axiom’s More Earthworks course for GEOPAK users.

    GEOPAK Survey library
    GEOPAK Survey library covers creating, editing and modifying survey data so it can be used by other project team members. The GEOPAK Survey library is composed of five comprehensive courses that cover surveying tasks for any type of site. Right from their own desks, students will become proficient in field collection of raw data, processing the data and importing the data into MicroStation files. Upon completion of this library, students are able to generate precise survey data that is used by the entire project team.

    The following are courses in GEOPAK Survey library:

    • Introduction to Digital Terrain Modeling is a basic introduction to digital terrain modeling (DTM) concepts. DTM keywords and procedures are discussed at length, with video examples to make it easier to understand how to build digital terrain models. The contents are designed for users who are new to GEOPAK and the DTM process.
    • Advanced Digital Terrain Modeling expands on concepts found in the introduction class. This course discusses additional extraction procedures, working with TIN files and advanced tools, including Profiles, Volume Calculations and Slope Areas. [Editor’s note: TIN files are used for storing survey information data and are used to create a 3D triangular mesh of the contours of the elevation.] Students learn the proper use of Theme functions, computing earthwork and working with Drainage tools.
    • Field Collection using Survey course covers creating a survey project, setting preferences, reviewing various data types, and importing data from data collectors or ASCII files. Additional topics include how to collect drainage and DTM information.
    • Office Processing using Survey course addresses how to reduce data, edit data and map the data into a MicroStation or AutoCAD file after the data has been imported. Then the course demonstrates graphically editing the data, exporting to Drainage and creating a DTM model.
    • Geometry for Surveyors course covers the different types of geometry tools that are found in GEOPAK Survey. These include classic COGO (coordinate geometry) and graphical COGO. Lessons are included on easily reviewing and editing the COGO information using COGO Navigator. Linking graphics back into COGO is also discussed, along with converting field data, importing and exporting.

    Screenshot from Axiom’s Office Processing Using Survey course for GEOPAK users.

    GEOPAK Advanced Road library
    GEOPAK Advanced Road library is the training library that trains roadway designers to design more complex roadways. In three in-depth courses, GEOPAK Advanced Road library provides students with the skills to use additional tools and options in GEOPAK that enable the user to complete a wide variety of road projects such as divided highways and freeway projects.

    The following are the courses in GEOPAK Advanced Road Library:

    • More Earthwork course continues on from the basic earthwork course, this class discusses more complex earthwork projects. These include calculating quantities for removals and their reuse, and quantities for staged construction. Other topics include how to transfer earthwork quantities to cross section sheets.
    • Advanced Proposed Cross Sections course covers more complex projects, such as multiple roadways on a single cross section, and staged cross sections. Other topics include drawing utilities and drainage onto cross sections.
    • 3D GEOPAK course includes generating a DTM from cross sections, 3D Station Offset tool and laying 2D elements onto a 3D DTM model.

    In each course, students will find an interactive learning environment that covers an integral part of the process of complete site design. Unlike a classroom, each student can progress at their own pace, ensuring they fully understand each section before moving on. What’s more, students don’t need to have a copy of GEOPAK installed to be able to learn. With GEOPAK Training Libraries, students can do hands-on drills in each lesson with movies, audio and interactive multimedia presentations to simulate all phases of site design.

    Coming Soon
    GEOPAK PowerCivil and GEOPAK Criteria libraries are the upcoming releases from Axiom. To get the most up-to-date information on the current releases of GEOPAK training from Axiom go to

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