Axiom’s Mike Arroyo delivers MicroStation conspiracy keynote at 2005 IDDEA conference.

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  • AMES, IOWA, USA — Is MicroStation V8 XM Edition the work of high-tech extraterrestrial super-beings or just the most intuitive CAD application ever developed? During the keynote presentation at the Iowa Digital Design and Engineering Applications (IDDEA) conference in Ames, Iowa, Axiom’s Product Manager and MicroStation veteran Mike Arroyo suggested that it might have been a little of both.

    Employing a creative combination of historical and fictitious events, Arroyo became the first person ever to link the alleged Roswell spaceship crash landing to a CAD platform – specifically to the high-tech look and feel of Bentley’s latest MicroStation release, V8 XM Edition, an application touted by MicroStation Today as the “most powerful software platform for AEC industry.”

    Arroyo, who entitled the keynote the “The XM Conspiracy”, drew from pop-culture television shows like “The X files” and from historical references, including the creation of the DOS operating system and the Kennedy assassination, to add levity to his one-hour speech on the benefits of XM.

    “One person even came up to me and asked me about my sources. He really thought I was on to something there,” stated Arroyo after the keynote. “The truth is that XM is poised to be the version of MicroStation that totally changes the design process and allows users to more productively express their design intent. I wanted everyone there to understand and feel my excitement.”

    The keynote was Arroyo’s fourth for the IDDEA conference. IDDEA chair Steve Norton commented that this one was his “best ever”.

    Arroyo is no stranger to crowds and keynotes. In the late 90’s, while he worked for Bentley, he was known as the “MicroStation Evangelist” for his zealous speeches about the benefits of using MicroStation.

    The IDDEA conference, held on 5-7 October, 2005 at the Scheman Building at the Iowa State University campus, focused on enlightening MicroStation users in Iowa, Minnesota and other neighboring states about the latest enhancements to MicroStation. The conference is held once every year. For more information on IDDEA, visit

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