Axiom’s Title Block Manager bulk edits MicroStation title blocks.

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CLEARWATER, FLORIDA, USA — Axiom, the world’s most experienced developer of time-saving MicroStation software solutions, announces the release of a new version of their title block management software, Title Block Manager.

Title Block Manager is a MicroStation add-on that automates batch changes to your MicroStation title blocks. One of the popular features of Title Block Manager is the ability to place intelligent title blocks as cells.

The new versions of Title Block Manager have the added ability to modify a Title Block Manager title block cell by replacing it with a new cell while retaining all the data in the old cell. This can be used to add a new field or to modify an existing field in one or hundreds of title blocks at a time. With this new release, all a user has to do is create a new title block cell with the new or modified field, then replace the existing Title Block Manager title block cell with the new title block cell. What’s more, this process can be done in bulk — users can run it on all the title blocks in multiple DGNs simultaneously.

Users who need to add or replace a field in many title blocks, but who don’t own Title Block Manager yet, can purchase Title Block Manager and convert their existing title blocks to intelligent title block cells. After the title blocks have been converted, users can add or replace fields in multiple title blocks, at will.

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