Barone-Shultz saves client $5,400 in one day with CellManager.

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  • LAKEWOOD, COLORADO, USA — John Barone, President of Barone-Shultz, uses CellManager — a popular component of Axiom’s MicroStation Productivity Toolkit — to save his clients money. Barone-Shultz is a CAD and IT services company based in Lakewood, Colorado that provides technical support and efficiency consulting for MicroStation and GEOPAK shops. John used CellManager to speed up a part of a project that could have added thousands of dollars to the budget. Below is his account:

    John: “I used CellManager in a project were part of it involved consolidating and cleaning up many old cell libraries. I needed to change symbology, change origins, create new cells and consolidate these cells into the new cell libraries. CellManager worked great and allowed me to complete two weeks worth of work in one day and saved my client about $5,400 of my billable time.”

    Cost of doing cell library consolidating and cleaning up without CellManager:
    80 hours = approximately $6,000

    Cost of doing cell library consolidating and cleaning up with CellManager:
    8 hours = approximately $600

    Total savings due to using CellManager: $5,400

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