Bentley announces the commercial release of MicroStation V8 XM Edition.

CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA, USA — During the BE Conference that took place 21–25 May, Bentley announced the official release of the much-anticipated commercial version of MicroStation V8 XM Edition. With a new and aesthetic user interface, an unchanged DGN file format and full support for existing V8 standards, Bentley reassured users that V8 XM allows current V8 users to implement the new version without disrupting their workflow.

Transparent dialog boxes are one of the many interface enhancements in MicroStation V8 XM Edition

CEO Greg Bentley said, “MicroStation V8 XM hits the mark! It brings immediate project throughput improvements without introducing the pain and delays that so often accompany advances this substantial.”

What’s new?
Here is a list of some of the innovations in V8 XM:

Reference Enhancements: Among the many enhancements in V8 XM, now users can: attach a PDF as a reference to a design file, dynamically manipulate reference clipping boundaries with handles and attach multiple instances of the same model at different stages of development using Design History.

Element Templates: An element template is a set of attributes, saved under a name, which can be applied to new or existing elements. Element templates may be organized in hierarchical groups for easy organization. Each element template is created and modified inside the Customize dialog box (Workspace | Customize, “Templates” tab).

Project Explorer: The Project Explorer is a Windows-Explorer-looking window, accessible from File | Project Explorer, that allows XM users to easily group project information including DGNs, DWGs, PDFs and Microsoft Office documents.

The new Project Explorer allows users to easily group project information including DGNs, DWGs, PDFs and Microsoft Office documents.

DirectX Graphics System: A new display subsystem leverages Microsoft DirectX technologies — the same high-speed graphics technology that drives the video gaming industry — to significantly increase view and navigation speed in 2D and 3D designs.
PANTONE® and RAL Color Systems: V8 XM’s 24-bit color support delivers richer, more consistent presentations.

Keyboard Position Assignments: V8 XM’s patented keyboard position assignment provides users with immediate access to any MicroStation command at the stroke of a key. Also, it allows users to customize their mouse functionality to increase the performance of view and model navigation.

Visualization, Animation and 3D Modeling Enhancements: With the added ability to create parametric 3D geometry, mesh modeling for creating lightweight structures and new handles for intuitive and interactive editing, V8 XM is the MicroStation edition with the most 3D modeling power. Also, V8 XM has improved visualization capabilities for photo-realistic rendering and new animation tools.

V8 XM has improved visualization capabilities for photo-realistic rendering and new animation tools.

V8 XM is a part of the V8 Generation, which already features the following innovations:
Native DWG Support: Enables MicroStation users to work directly with DWG files, DGN files, or any combination of the two. Since MicroStation is the only CAD program that fully supports both DGN and DWG files, MicroStation users have a clear competitive advantage over firms using other CAD software.

Digital Security: Applies electronic signatures to drawings and supports multi-level access privileges for projects.

Design History: Gives users the ability to isolate and view any change or set of changes to a design file. Using Design History, users can review a complete history of changes made to a design file and restore the design data in a file to before any particular set of changes.

What do the users think?
Below are some thoughts about V8 XM gathered at BE Conference:

  • “The user interface and features were shocking to me in their power and vision.”
  • “Very exciting stuff!”
  • “Transparency, PANTONE referencing and priority element selection are terrific!”
  • “Keyboard mapping is fantastic and will massively improve efficiency for advanced users.”

Where can you get V8 XM?
V8 XM is now available to all Bentley SELECT subscribers for immediate download from SELECT Services Online. For more information on V8 XM, go to

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