Bentley customers share their experiences with LearningBay.

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  • “My experience with LearningBay has been great! We chose LearningBay after several good experiences with other Axiom products. We needed a product that could be used anywhere, anytime. LearningBay did that for us. Also, LearningBay fit right in with our company’s policies and procedures.”
    Jennifer Morrison,
    WE Energies

    LearningBay is very good for educating CAD users. I’ve had very helpful service and the program is easy to follow and understand. The range of available courses is extensive and covers everything we need.”
    Tim Dawson,
    Dupage County Department of Transportation

    “I’m very happy with our experience with LearningBay. We will be implementing LearningBay as part of our required training process. We look forward to the difference that LearningBay will make in our company very soon. LearningBay has been easy to use and everyone at Axiom has been very helpful.”
    Marc Hulsman,
    Hovensa LLC

    Bob Cuyar, Fluor Incorporated

    “Our experience with LearningBay has been positive. From a managerial viewpoint, the system is definitely meeting expectations. Our goal is to use all the features of the program and we’re very excited about the upcoming AutoCAD courses. The reason we purchased LearningBay was because it meets our requirements for being able to educate new recruits we bring in as well as filling in baseline knowledge or any gaps in it. Also, we bought it because the demonstration Mike Arroyo showed us was terrific, the product basically sold itself.”
    Bob Cuyar,
    Fluor Incorporated

    “For MicroStation V8, we communicated to the management team to let their respective staff do this on company time. Right now, I have 57 students enrolled and I am happy to say that they are more enthusiastic to learn and enjoy the course. In fact, a few of them have already finished their courses and I have heard positive comments from them. I can say that LearningBay is very helpful and is a good investment for our company. LearningBay has helped us to make our MicroStation users very good assets to our company. Also, it has saved us an ample amount of money by not having to send each one of our CAD users to instructor-led MicroStation training.

    “Thanks a lot to your staff who always act professionally when I needed help, especially to David McDaniel who put up with a lot during the initial installations of LearningBay at our site.”
    Danny Chu,
    Enersource Corporation.

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