CAD Controversy

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  • Letter to the Editor: CAD Consultant’s response to John Evans’ opinion on a unified file format.

    Dear Editor,

    I agree almost entirely with John Evans’ comments. However, I do not think lowering the bar to the DWG format is the answer.

    The DGN format is superior in functionality and would expand the capabilities of those using DWG. I started on the Intergraph system and have worked with both AutoCAD and MicroStation for many years. DGN’ s superior referencing, fencing and masking of reference files alone justifies the format as superior to DWG.

    Unfortunately, Mr. Evans is correct in saying that DWG may prevail. Look at Beta versus VHS. Unfortunately the better product may not be the end-user’s preferred product.

    Brian MacCartney
    CAD Consultant
    My comments are my own views and do not represent any opinion of my employer.

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