CAD Coordinator — of famous historical heritage — organizes 1,000 cells in four hours with CellManager.

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ATLANTA, GEORGIA, USA — Sometimes you need a little help from your friends. When CAD Coordinator Charles Pinckney of Perry, Crabb & Associates had the daunting task of organizing 1,000 cells, his friend in the IT department gave him a gentle shove in the direction of CellManager.

Charles found that he saved immense amounts of time by using CellManager to condense and organize his cell libraries. Charles shared his success using CellManager with us and we thought you might enjoy it as well.

MicroStation Today: Tell us about yourself.
Charles: I work for a great company called Perry, Crabb & Associates
(PCA) in Atlanta, Georgia. PCA is a consulting engineering firm for mechanical, electrical and plumbing design. Our clients are mainly hospitals in Georgia, South Carolina and Alabama. I am a CAD Coordinator at PCA, but I am also an electrical designer.

MST: What are some of the problems you encounter in your position?
Charles: Recently, I had to condense and update our cell libraries. I wondered how I was going to update all thirteen libraries with MicroStation V8 tools. Our IT guy Chip Atkins, who also is an electrical engineer by trade, had told me that CellManager for V8 would be the perfect solution to my dilemma. By using CellManager’s Draw Pages command I was able to print out a report of every cell with its attributes. I found out that I had a lot of repeated and outdated cells throughout the original thirteen libraries. With CellManager for V8, I was able to remove and place the old cells that were not being used into an archival library with great ease. I got rid of about one third — or somewhere around 300 — of the obsolete cells that were duplicates or outdated and organized the remaining 1,000 electrical cells into 11 libraries. What would have taken me eight hours only took me half that amount of time and was much easier than expected. I was able to edit far better with CellManager for V8 than the editing tools from MicroStation V8.

MST: What other products do you find beneficial?
Charles: RefManager is another useful application in MicroStation Productivity Toolkit. For example, we had a 200-sheet job with multiple keyplans [Editors note: keyplans are small icons on the side of the plot that show what part of the design file is being viewed.] and multiple sections. So, we had a total of six floors with 14 sections and what would have taken six hours one sheet at a time, only took about one hour. Now that is a money saver.

MST: If you could trade places with anyone for just one day, who would it be?
Charles: Bill Gates.

MST: Are you related to Charles Cotesworth-Pinckney, the South Carolina state representative that signed the Constitution of the United States of America?
Charles: Yes, it’s funny you ask. I’ve often said that that is my 15 minutes of fame.

MST: Until now anyway. Any words of wisdom you would like to share?
Charles: Favorite quote which I saw on a church marquee: “If you do what you’ve always done, you will always be where you’ve always been.”

MST: Thank you so much, Charles!
Charles: Thank you, MicroStation Today!

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