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    CLEARWATER, FLORIDA, USA — MicroStation V8 is the most robust MicroStation platform developed to date. Yet, it does not offer the capabilities to automate many of the repetitive and time-consuming tasks that many MicroStation shops must do in order to keep up with everyday productivity demands (things like fixing batches of problematic design files, correcting CAD standard violations in bulk and modifying all reference file attachments in a project – tasks at which Axiom’s V8 utilities excel).

    You saved time in V7. Why stop there? Take MicroStation Productivity Toolkit with you to MicroStation V8!

    It is no surprise then that as use of MicroStation V8 continues to rise, so do sales of Axiom V8 utilities. This article highlights some of the ways in which seasoned Axiom users have benefited after upgrading from Axiom V7 utilities to Axiom V8 utilities.

    Axiom V8 tools — a CAD manager’s story
    We’ve used Axiom V7 tools for about two years now. Since we are now beginning to design using MicroStation V8 exclusively, I decided to get MicroStation Productivity Toolkit for V8. Microsoft Office Importer for V8 (a component of Toolkit) is an absolute godsend. Our engineers import lots of spreadsheets with calculations in them into our MicroStation files using it. The key benefit they get out of doing this is the ease with which they can modify the calculations in the Excel spreadsheets. When they need to modify or add calculations to the spreadsheet, they no longer have to re-import the data one or two columns at a time or do the modifications directly in the MicroStation files, which gets the data out of sync with the Excel spreadsheets. But since Microsoft Office Importer for V8 links the imported data directly to the spreadsheets, they can now open the Excel spreadsheets by clicking a button in Importer, edit them in Excel and then bring them back just as easily with Importer. This saves the engineers a lot of time and preserves the formatting of the imported data with very little effort.

    Being the CAD manager, I know our operators don’t always follow CAD standards. Since it is my job to ensure that all deliverables are 100% compliant, I depend on SpecChecker for V8 to get this done. The standards we follow are client-driven, meaning that from one job to the next the standards change. SpecChecker for V8 makes it very easy for me to input the standards criteria for every new project. Once I do that, SpecChecker for V8 does the rest for me. It detects all the spec violations in hundreds of our design files and corrects them too. I use it in conjunction with Global File Changer for V8 which allows me to make batch changes to these files if need be. I enter in all the key-in commands and it goes to work moving very specific elements to the right level when they are not where they are supposed to be. Our purchase of MicroStation Productivity Toolkit for V8 has changed our jobs tremendously, for the better. Terry Church – A Epstein & Sons & ISI

    From 5 to V8 with Axiom’s aid
    I have used FileFixer since MicroStation 5 – back in the DOS days. I remember getting a lot of “end-of-file” missing errors. Once, one of our clients sent me back the files I had delivered, because they couldn’t select an element even though they could see it on the screen. After running FileFixer, this wasn’t a problem. Just last fall, I purchased the V8 version of FileFixer since we had just upgraded to MicroStation V8. I run FileFixer for V8 every time before I make a submittal to our clients. Our MicroStation files don’t crash like they used to, but the report file tells me that FileFixer for V8 repairs a lot of errors it finds in the files. This gives me confidence that our deliverables will not be coming back to me and that our clients will be happy once they receive them. Edgar Gamiao – RM Towill Corp

    “All reference files accounted for!” How RefManager for V8 helped
    I have used the V7 version of RefManager since 2000. It mainly allows me to deliver submittal to clients on a CD without having missing reference files. We are now on MicroStation V8 and so are our clients, so I upgraded to RefManager for V8 because my and their needs are still the same as under V7. With RefManager for V8, I can easily place the full path in all the attachments’ “File Name” field and then, still using RefManager for V8, I strip out the drive letter from the paths. This allows my client to place the CD in their CD drive and, since there are no drive letters in the “File Name” fields, MicroStation V8 thinks of their path as being relative to the root of the CD drive and there are no reference files missing. This works great. I oftentimes do this in hundreds of reference files, so I find it essential to use RefManager for V8. It would be a lot harder and impractical to do this without it. Chuck Houston – Gulf Interstate Engineering

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