CadExplorer, Offering Search and Replace Across Multiple MicroStation and AutoCAD Files, Now Supports ProjectWise

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  • Search, Replace, Filter, Group and More — Even with Files in ProjectWise

    Clearwater, Florida, USA — Axiom, one of the world’s most experienced developers of time-saving CAD software products, announces the release of CadExplorer version 4.1. Previously released for MicroStation and AutoCAD, CadExplorer now supports ProjectWise, Bentley’s project management system. The new version of CadExplorer can now look into ProjectWise, allowing users to find virtually any DGN or DWG file objects (including text, cell or block names, circles, lines, shapes and many others) across multiple files based on a wide range of search criteria, including text strings, cell or block names, level or layer names, color, weight, style and many more. It can also make batch modifications of both DGN elements or DWG objects.

    Finding what you need quickly is a snap using CadExplorer’s intuitive, easy-to-use interface. CadExplorer easily finds, filters and groups data from all your DGN and DWG files. With the latest release, CadExplorer now supports ProjectWise.

    Per Axiom, CadExplorer’s addition of ProjectWise support has been a much sought-after feature requested by customers. For over a year, users (even non-CAD users) have been using CadExplorer to ignore the boundaries between both MicroStation and AutoCAD files and interactively find, display, analyze, explore, report on, investigate and edit MicroStation and AutoCAD file data in ways never before possible. In addition, Axiom reports that CadExplorer’s interface provides an easier way to find, select, preview and modify text across multiple MicroStation or AutoCAD files than by any other method. With CadExplorer, users can modify found text elements’ text strings in any imaginable way — even using wildcard and regular expression substitution — and can preview proposed text changes before committing them to all their selected MicroStation or AutoCAD files, even when these files are stored in ProjectWise.

    “There is no other product out there that lets someone so easily peer into hundreds or thousands of MicroStation and AutoCAD files at a time and rapidly find the elements and objects that they need to locate”, said Axiom’s Vice President of Technology, Oscar Albornoz.

    Axiom reports that in addition to the newly added ProjectWise support, CadExplorer is stuffed with tools and features that go beyond anything that can be done with MicroStation or AutoCAD alone. CadExplorer shows users virtually all the data contained in one, ten, hundreds or even thousands of design files in an easy-to-use and intuitive grid. Need to see all the cells or blocks that are being used in any project on the network and get a count of each one? A few mouse-clicks is all it takes. What are the chances of catching an odd-ball mistake before submitting the project to a client, like a misspelled level or layer name or some text that happens to be on the wrong level or layer? Spotting errors like misspellings or a cell or block that was only used once (a shoe-in for a CAD-standards violation) becomes much easier, faster and, per Mr. Albornoz, is “even kind of fun” when using CadExplorer.

    How to Contact Axiom
    For more information on CadExplorer or to see a free, online demonstration, call Axiom at 727-442-7774 extension 1638 or e-mail or visit Axiom on the Web at to find out more about the main features of CadExplorer as they relate to AutoCAD.

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