Import Excel 2007 spreadsheets into MicroStation with perfect formatting.

Axiom’s lastest version of Microsoft Office Importer for MicroStation was enhanced to work seamlessly with Excel 2007 spreadsheet data and Word 2007 documents. New features were also added including the ability to import hyperlinks from Excel spreadsheets as engineering links in MicroStation and the ability to manage existing Excel chart pastes. Now you can easily…

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Easily import Excel spreadsheets and Word documents into design files with perfect formatting.

Now with ProjectWise support

By Eiren Smith

Want to bring Excel spreadsheet or Word document information into MicroStation with perfect formatting and a link to the original Excel spreadsheet or Word document in case information in the spreadsheet or Word document changes in the future? Do you already use Microsoft Office Importer but were frustrated because you couldn’t use it on ProjectWise projects?

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Delayed MicroStation Projects Aren’t Your Fault.

So where is the fault and what can be done about it? Clearwater, Florida, USA — Why is it V8 elements fall off the edge of the design plane? How is it possible a V8 element no longer resides on a defined level? Why is it certain elements or entire models can’t be selected? Why…

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Are your CAD standards being violated?

SpecChecker and RuleManager work together to make life easy.

Clearwater, Florida, USA — Do you have a need to ensure that all your MicroStation files meet all your or your client’s CAD standards? Would you like to avoid the time it takes to manually proofread each design file? Whether the project standards changed after the project started or you need to correct an error or standards violation that was repeated in more than one place, making changes to dozens, hundreds or thousands of files is time-consuming, if you have to do it manually.

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Save time and prevent a CAD standards nightmare.

Part two in a series of articles on the mysteries of global origin By Rick Dewitt Have you ever started a project and noticed that one or more reference files didn’t seem to line up in your master files the way you expected or that the geometry you expected to be a particular size was…

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Four problems users have with MicroStation

And four solutions! Have you ever had difficulty importing text from Microsoft Word or tables from Excel into MicroStation with the correct text justification, tabs and spacing intact? Have you ever opened a design file and discovered that one or more reference files are not attached due to messed up reference file attachment paths? Have…

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Tips & Tricks — Import Microsoft Office text into MicroStation without messing up the text height.

By Rick Sewell Do your Excel spreadsheets ever import into MicroStation with the right text height? The answer from many MicroStation users across the country is a resounding “No!” Thus, these MicroStation users are forced to either manually type their text using MicroStation’s “Place Text” tool with the correct text height or paste the text…

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Fix dead design files fast!

New release now works with V8i Clearwater, Florida, USA — When design file corruption slows your project down — or worse, brings it to a halt — you don’t have time to mess around. You need the file salvaged now! You need help. FileFixer for V8 gives you that help fast. The latest version from…

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Easily modify all your MicroStation tags with just a few mouse-clicks.

By Rick Sewell It seemed a typical day as I manned Axiom’s Technical Support phone lines. Calls were coming in with the usual questions. Yes, Global File Changer will replace cells in all of your files in one shot. Yes, FileFixer will repair your file. Then I received a call from a fellow with a…

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What do you mean the global origin is wrong?

What’s all the fuss? By Rick Dewitt In the many years I have worked with CAD professionals, one area that seems to be consistently misunderstood is “global origin”. What exactly is it? What happens if you change it? How do you change it? How does it affect reference files? Does Axiom have any products that…

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