CellManager for V8 is in the import business.

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  • CLEARWATER, FLORIDA, USACellManager has been one of the most demanded applications in Axiom’s MicroStation Productivity Toolkit for more than a decade. The latest release of CellManager for V8 includes some new features that were added to satisfy customer requests.

    The new CellManager for V8 release allows you to import DGNs, DWGs and other CAD file types into your cell libraries in bulk.

    CellManager for V8 can now automatically import and create new cells from AutoCAD blocks and MicroStation V7 or V8 design files — and even files created by AutoDesk’s 3D Studio.

    CellManager for V8 can import one file at a time or multiple files all at once (in bulk). While MicroStation’s “Model Manager” creates empty cells out of empty paper space (the AutoCAD counterpart to Micro Station sheet models), CellManager for V8’s Import command knows not to import empty paper space, ultimately saving users time. Unlike the layout1, layout2, or model-1, model-2 names that Microstation uses to name cells, CellManager for V8 uses the imported file’s name as the cell name, saving additional time. Therefore, CellManager for V8 automatically handles the inconvenience of renaming cells and deleting empty cells.

    These new import capabilities preserve the value of your existing assets — no need to invest time recreating cells that already exist! CellManager for V8 makes it easy to bring your directories full of AutoCAD blocks or standard V7 detail drawings (standard drawings with dimensions or other information for use in construction) with you as you migrate to V8. Put them to use immediately — don’t let them get lost or forgotten.

    Once your cells have been imported into a consolidated, central project cell library, you can use CellManager for V8 to standardize and update your cells. CellManager for V8 now has the ability to rename cells and cell descriptions. The new Rename feature along with CellManager for V8’s multitude of other options will save you precious time.

    CellManager for V8 has always had a complete set of cell documentation features. These features allow complete control of the cell document format. You can print cell documentation that shows a picture of the cells along with vital cell information. CellManager for V8’s Report and Draw Pages commands support the optional display of over 30 cell attributes, including cell level, name, description and many more. Use CellManager for V8 settings to customize output, page or plot settings. Custom layouts let you make your cell library documentation look exactly the way you want. You can even include your company logo. Current and complete cell documentation will help keep you working and not hunting for or, worse yet, redrawing cells that have already been created.

    CellManager for V8 can bulk import many types of CAD files into a V8 cell library.

    Other features, such as Extract, help you create new cell libraries from the cells and shared cells in your existing design files, and Export will move or copy cells or shared cells between libraries. CellManager for V8’s Modify command can help you quickly modify cell levels and symbology to meet project standards. If you need to quickly modify, transform, convert, export, import, delete, edit, rename, extract or document your cells, Axiom’s CellManager for V8 is a full-featured application that will make you more productive than using Microstation alone.

    With the addition of Axiom’s File List Processor, CellManager for V8 boasts an improved file selection interface, which is easier to use and which even allows you to drag and drop files from Windows Explorer. Also, the file selection process is dramatically faster. The latest version, CellManager for V8 version 8.4a has been certified to work with MicroStation XM.

    CellManager for V8, one of the most demanded applications in Axiom’s MicroStation Productivity Toolkit, boasts a new release that includes significant new features which will definitely benefit existing as well as potential customers.

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