Coming soon to a MicroStation seat near you: The Rise of Microsoft Office Importer!

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  • Excel charts and MicroStation, linked at last!

    Clearwater, Florida, USA — Summertime is always full of blockbuster movie releases. From May through August, Hollywood floods the world with the latest and greatest action-packed, explosion-filled, super-hero extravaganzas. The product development staff here at Axiom shares the same “summer blockbuster” mentality when it comes to product releases. Microsoft Office Importer is the latest release to grace Axiom’s red carpet.

    Bring the popcorn, hot dogs and Excel charts, because in a summer full of blockbusters, this Microsoft Office Importer release promises to be the smash hit of the season!

    The preview would go something like this:
    “In a world of conventional ideas, one MicroStation add-on had the guts to stand up for what it believed in. ‘MicroStation and Excel can work together! Don’t call me crazy because I dare to be different!’

    “All of the other MicroStation add-ons laughed and ridiculed him. ‘Your ideas have no place here!’ His peers shunned him, so he decided to fight back.

    “This summer, see one MicroStation add-on rise up and beat the odds. See The Rise of Microsoft Office Importer, a Quentin Tarantino film starring Morgan Freeman as Microsoft Office Importer, Emma Thompson as MicroStation and Kathy Bates as Excel.”

    Cutting-edge special effects and masterful acting aside, this latest Microsoft Office Importer release is sure to be a smash at the box office.

    Microsoft Office Importer, one of Axiom’s most popular software programs, allows users to import equipment schedules, bills of materials, tabular data and construction notes into a design file with perfect formatting. The latest release of Microsoft Office Importer, for MicroStation V7 and V8, now allows users to import Excel charts into their design files. Once imported into MicroStation, Microsoft Office Importer actually recreates all charts using MicroStation elements. Microsoft Office Importer then establishes automatic links between the Excel chart and the chart in MicroStation so that any time the source chart in Excel is modified, the chart in MicroStation will be automatically updated every time the design file is opened. Importing charts in MicroStation without using Microsoft Office Importer only results in pasting raster images of the charts in MicroStation.

    Due to high customer demand, Axiom designed Microsoft Office Importer to import any style of Excel chart into MicroStation design files quickly and easily. All a user has to do is copy the chart to the Windows clipboard, then use Microsoft Office Importer’s button to paste the chart into the design file. From then on, every time the design file is opened, Microsoft Office Importer’s automatic linking capability will ensure that the chart always matches the latest, up-to-date chart in Excel.

    “Microsoft Office Importer’s ability to import charts is the first step toward its ability to import other objects from Excel into MicroStation like diagrams and drawings. This is an entirely new arena for Microsoft Office Importer, and I’m excited at the possibilities,” comments Mark Thomas, Executive Product Manager for Microsoft Office Importer.

    Bring the popcorn, hot dogs and Excel charts because in a summer full of blockbusters, this Microsoft Office Importer release promises to be the smash hit of the season!

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