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  • Find out how fast LearningBay Professional is now.

    Clearwater, Florida, USA — Axiom, the world’s largest provider of browser-based training courses for Bentley products, announces the release of the new LearningBay Professional. Now powered by an Oracle 10g Express Edition database, LearningBay Professional pushes the envelope of LMS (Learning Management System) performance and delivers training faster – up to 80% faster when executing actions like importing courses and accessing course material! [Editor’s note: A database is an organized collection of data stored in a computer so that a program can consult it to answer queries. “Oracle 10g” is a powerful database program developed by the Oracle Corporation.]

    “I’ve had the opportunity to work directly with hundreds of customers using our LearningBay software,” says David McDaniel, Axiom’s Director of Learning Product Development, “and I know how much it’s helped with their training needs. Now with a dramatically faster version, that training is poised to become even more effective.”

    A complete, cost-effective learning management system for CAD shops, LearningBay Professional is the solution for those who want to increase the effectiveness of their training while dramatically decreasing the cost of delivery.

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    With a few clicks of the mouse, your staff can be on their way to learning new skills for Bentley products like MicroStation and GEOPAK that can be directly applied to current projects.

    LearningBay Professional allows hundreds of students to log in at any given time and pull up text, diagrams, drills and interactive exercises at lightning speed.

    The benefits of LearningBay Professional as a CAD training solution are that LearningBay Professional:

    • Was designed with ease of use and speed of customer implementation in mind.
    • Is more cost-effective than classroom training. Once installed, a course may be delivered again and again to hundreds of users for a single low price.
    • Includes the ability to test and evaluate the skills of users. Further, it automatically builds the applicable content to correct missed test questions. (The testing feature is also useful for evaluating new applicants for CAD positions.)
    • Allows student enrollments, progress and test scores to be stored as permanent records. This makes a great resource for managers and instructors to evaluate their departmental learning activities.

    Customize your training program.
    Axiom’s latest LearningBay Professional is the world’s only CAD e-learning solution that gives you the power to quickly and easily customize your organization’s CAD e-learning to your exact needs, whether it’s MicroStation, AutoCAD or your own customized procedures. You can customize the course materials provided by LearningBay by inserting a paragraph, page, interactive tutorial, graphic or even a whole course into existing LearningBay courses, to create custom training programs for your organization’s individual workflows and standards. What’s more, it’s fast and easy to add or change course content.

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