Easily make batch changes to tag and dimension text!

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  • Inventive software release handles huge time-consuming MicroStation task with a few mouse clicks.

    CLEARWATER, FLORIDA, USA — Having to modify tag or dimension text in multiple design files is near the top of the list of most painful MicroStation tasks.

    Global File Changer’s Element Selection feature can isolate any combination of elements or symbology, giving users total control over batch modifications.

    Say you discover that the thousands of text, tag and dimension elements scattered throughout an entire set of project files must be in Arial True Type font. Oooops, right now they are all in the MicroStation Working font. (By the way, this is a common occurrence, particularly when migrating files from V7 to V8.) This leaves you with a time-consuming, profit-eating ordeal. Not fun at all.

    You’ll be glad to know that with the new release of Global File Changer, this problem is now finally solved. Global File Changer’s Modify Text feature now processes tag and dimension text as easily and quickly as it handles standard text, even on very large sets of MicroStation files.

    Global File Changer’s Element Selection Utility
    A key part of successful batch processing is being able to easily isolate the elements you need to modify from those you want to leave unchanged. In the past, MicroStation’s Select By Attributes feature has been a helpful tool in making simple selection sets on individual files, but it is limited in the element-specific attributes it can isolate and is cumbersome to implement in a batch process.

    Global File Changer’s Element Selection utility doesn’t have these limitations. Virtually any graphic element type — including tags — and any element attribute or group of attributes can be used to isolate the specific elements you want to modify or remove from the set of elements to be processed. Implementation is as simple as giving each selection criteria a name and then activating it with a simple key-in command.

    In short, users who get this new release of Global File Changer should never again have to go through the mind-numbing, tedious work of manually changing text within dimensions and tags.

    What does Global File Changer do?
    If MicroStation has a function or key-in for it, you can use Global File Changer to make that same change or perform that operation on thousands of files at a time. In addition, Global File Changer has a rapidly growing list of custom commands that can:

    • Batch convert text elements containing numbers from feet to meters, meters to feet or apply a custom conversion formula that could, for example, add 100 feet to each contour label (new in V8).
    • Modify text attributes used in tags and dimensions (new).
    • Change text or text node justification while retaining the text’s original position.
    • Rescale text by a specific scale factor for height, width or both.
    • Replace any set of cells with any new set of cells.
    • Rescale cells by any factor from their current scale or to a specific scale value.
    • Count cells in each design file or get the total count for the entire batch.
    • Flatten 3D files to a specific “Z” value or move all elements to a specified “Z” value.
    • Copy design file settings from a donor file to a whole set of files.
    • Easily re-map elements (including cell and shared cell components) from their current
    • level to a new or existing level.
    • And more!

    Global File Changer’s list of custom commands grows with every new release.

    Who needs Global File Changer?
    Chances are you do. If you work for customers or executives who change their minds, have standards that change, want your file standards to improve or need to make changes to multiple design files, then Global File Changer will pay for itself the first day you use it. Many of our customers tell us that the more they use it, the more they realize its power and see its benefits.

    Axiom Maintenance Plus and Tech Support
    One of the huge advantages that Axiom’s MicroStation Productivity Toolkit and Global File Changer customers enjoy is access to our fast and experienced technical support team. Sometimes the way to make the changes you want is not immediately obvious. That’s where Axiom’s Maintenance Plus and technical support team come in. Many of the problems you face have already been solved and a fast, effective solution already exists. You can call Axiom tech support with any problem and they will work closely with you to solve it quickly.

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