Editing MicroStation Workspaces Made Easier

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  • Want a better way to edit your user’s workspaces without having to wade through complex MicroStation configuration files just to find the variable definition you need to edit?

    Axiom’s Global Workspace Manager allows CAD managers to set up, monitor and change MicroStation workspace configuration settings on multiple workstations from a single location!

    Now, Global Workspace Manager 2.1 has an interface similar to MicroStation’s “Workspace | Configuration | [Edit…]’ box to edit variables. But Global Workspace Manager doesn’t require you to be inside MicroStation (or even have it installed). This feature is a major time-saver and frustration reducer.

    Works with MicroStation V8i, MicroStation V8/XM and MicroStation V7 workspaces.

    For more information or a free demo, go to http://AxiomInt.com/r/?workspace or call 727-442-7774 extension 1346.

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