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  • Axiom staff is working overtime!

    CLEARWATER, FLORIDA, USA — Axiom’s Development and Certification personnel are in a continuous blur of activity keeping up with client demands – Axiom has recently maintained an average of one or more new releases every week.

    Each new release is promptly sent at no charge to Axiom maintenance holders for their immediate deployment and boosted productivity. MicroStation Today readers may already be aware that MicroStation sites with active maintenance have seen four major releases of FileFixer during their most recent 12-month maintenance period. Also they have seen six releases of Microsoft Office Importer, four releases of Title Block Manager and two major releases of RefManager.

    Plus, there are a number of unsung Toolkit heroes we haven’t had a chance to mention until now – read on!

    Axiom recently announced the release of new versions of RefWriter for both V7 and V8.

    RefWriter makes reference files instantly writable with a double-click – indispensable on any project that uses reference files. Just double-click on a reference file element and RefWriter opens the attachment as the active design file and then temporarily attaches the original master file and its associated references to display exactly as they did when the original master file was open. This allows MicroStation users to edit reference file elements in the context of the master file to which they are attached.

    To accomplish this without RefWriter, the user would have to manually attach the master file to the reference file, scale, move and rotate the view and adjust the view settings – then repeat this process with all other reference files which were attached to the original master file (tedious and time consuming). RefWriter handles all of this instantly and effortlessly with a double-click.

    The newest version of RefWriter addresses a number of customer requests, including enhanced handling of view settings when switching from a 3D master file to a 2D reference file (in V8), enhanced support for clipped and rotated attachments, improved support for mirrored reference files and a docking toolbar.

    Axiom Windows installer
    Earlier this year the Axiom development team invested considerable blood, sweat and tears implementing a completely re-vamped, fast, easy installation procedure for Axiom applications. Supporting installation with MicroStation versions from SE through V8 for all Axiom V7 and V8 applications was no small feat.

    And just recently the Axiom product installer was updated to support the new default location for user workspaces with MicroStation XM – the first significant change to MicroStation’s directory tree since MicroStation/J was introduced.

    Axiom Menu
    The Axiom menu (which is placed on the main MicroStation menu bar during Axiom product installation) has just been enhanced to allow users to launch MDL programs and Windows programs from any location, not just from the Axiom directory. MicroStation users can now customize the Axiom menu to include programs installed in various locations. This enhancement was requested by Axiom clients who want consistent access to applications, some of which are installed locally while others are installed on a server.

    Axiom File List Processor
    Axiom strives to maintain consistency in the user interfaces of its Toolkit applications, as well as conformity with MicroStation and Microsoft Windows. The goal is seamless transitions from Axiom applications to MicroStation or Windows. Axiom also maintains consistent user interfaces in the V7 and V8 versions of each Toolkit application to make the transition from V7 to V8 as straightforward as possible.

    One of the most common user interface activities is selection of one or more files to be processed. It is particularly common to select multiple project files to be processed by Axiom Toolkit utilities such as FileFixer, RefManager, Global File Changer, SpecChecker (and others).
    To improve the file selection experience, the Axiom development team recently completed implementation of a new Axiom file selector. This new tool allows users to:

    • Select, drag and drop project files from Windows Explorer.
    • Search for files by wildcard, date range and even regular expression.
    • Build, save and re-load lists of project files to be processed.

    FileFixer owners will be the first to see the new file selector, but during the upcoming months this tool will be integrated into other Toolkit applications. In addition to providing a consistent, familiar interface across multiple Toolkit applications, project file lists can be saved and interchanged amongst Toolkit applications.

    Oops – ran out of room again!
    Don’t miss upcoming issues of MicroStation Today for announcements about upcoming releases of the frequently demanded DgnCompare for V8, Duplicate Element Remover for V8, Global File Changer for V8, SpecChecker for V8 as well as enhancements to the V7 originals of each of these Toolkit favorites.

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