Extra: Revolutionary new MicroStation technology allows proximity searching.

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  • Clearwater, ­Florida, USA — Axiom has just announced brand-new technology that allows MicroStation users to instantly find elements in hundreds of design files based on how close geographically the elements are to each other.

    For instance, you can now instantly:

    • ­Find all text elements in all design files containing the string “gas fumes” within 8 inches of a cell named “flame”.
    • ­Find all instances of text string “Cliff” (in all design files) that don’t have a nearby “Warning Sign” cell on level “Signage”.
    • ­Find all design files that contain two or more cells named “Border”.

    You can restrict the search to elements of a certain color, weight, style, font, level, model name, file name and other characteristics.

    You can instantly find matches even if each element of the pair reside in different models or even in different design files (such as when you have multiple design files representing overlapping geographic areas)!

    This new technology allows you to catch — instantly and in large quantities — quality control errors that could never before be easily detected.

    Unfortunately, this new release came too late for us to put a full article in this issue of MicroStation Today. The amazingness and power of the new technology is difficult to fully describe in just a few words.

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