FileFixer certified for MicroStation V8 XM Edition.

CLEARWATER, FLORIDA, USA — Axiom, the world’s most experienced developer of time-saving MicroStation solutions, announces the release of FileFixer version 8.7b for MicroStation V8 XM Edition. FileFixer, Axiom’s solution for MicroStation design file corruption, is ready for clients as they move to XM.

Red hot and ready to repair! FileFixer for V8 has been put through two year’s worth of testing to ensure it is ready for the much-anticipated V8 XM Edition

FileFixer version 8.7b for MicroStation V8 XM Edition certification began in 2005 with early XM betas. Five years’ worth of carefully collected and catalogued client files were thoroughly tested to identify differences in behavior between MicroStation V8 version 8.5 (V8 2004) and (V8 XM). FileFixer for V8 was enhanced to accommodate key differences. Clients using MicroStation V8 2004 will also benefit from the FileFixer for V8 version 8.7b enhancements.

When a V8 file’s level table is damaged or missing, graphical elements become “stranded” on levels which aren’t defined. In such cases MicroStation V8’s Element Information command displays a blank level name for the element — a blank level name is a symptom of level table corruption.

When such “stranded” graphical elements are modified (moved, scaled, changed symbology, etc.) MicroStation always “moves” the element to the Default level — without warning and without choice. One FENCE MOVE command could completely destroy the level structure of a design — all graphical elements ending up on the Default level.

FileFixer for V8 offers a superior solution and keeps the user in control. When a file’s level definitions are damaged or missing, FileFixer for V8 moves each stranded element to a new level, but retains the original level relationships for all elements. Elements which previously occupied a particular level are reunited with all other elements which also occupied that level. New level names are auto-generated and can be used as is or can easily be edited in MicroStation’s Level Manager dialog to restore their original labels.

FileFixer for V8 version 8.7b now has the ability to create a missing level table (to which repaired levels can be added). Previously, there were cases of design file corruption where it was necessary to manually import a healthy level table by opening the Level Manager dialog, selecting File|Import, browsing for the correct level table and hitting <OK> prior to FileFixer repair processing.

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