FileFixer dispels myth.

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  • Automatic design file repair was once thought to be impossible.

    Clearwater, Florida, USA — Before Copernicus, mankind believed the Sun orbited the Earth. Before FileFixer, mankind believed design file corruption could not be repaired automatically.

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    We now take for granted that the Earth orbits the Sun, but there were some who didn’t think that a software program could ever, all by itself, repair design-file corruption automatically. To illustrate the historical significance of FileFixer, here’s a quote from a previously confidential document, recently de-classified and released from Axiom’s archive: “We believe that design file repair is far too subjective to be automated with a satisfactory degree of success,” wrote an Intergraph executive on 8 November 1989.

    David Greenbaum, Axiom founder and creator of FileFixer, disagreed with this. His fluency with design file format, intimate familiarity with customer requirements and unrivaled ingenuity made him uniquely qualified to not only prove that idea false by implementing FileFixer automatic design file repair features, but to also make FileFixer easy to use.

    The 1989 release of FileFixer is a distinguished milestone in the history of CAD: Design file repair can be automated successfully. After the release, Greenbaum did not stop there. Before the New Year’s confetti floated to the ground in 1990, fewer than 75 days after the quoted statement above, Greenbaum single-handedly adapted FileFixer for Unix workstations and Intergraph VAX mainframes.

    The positive impact on the MicroStation (and Intergraph) communities is reflected by this typical customer anecdote from that era: “To put it bluntly, FileFixer is crucial to our CAD technicians’ production. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve run FileFixer and cleaned up problems which otherwise would have burned up days and days to repair. This is important because when file corruption problems arise, they not only waste our time and delay project completion, but they end up costing the public incredible amounts of money,” wrote E.S., System Administrator, DART (Dallas Area Rapid Transit).

    Some MicroStation users, boasting even 20 years of experience, hadn’t yet started their MicroStation careers when FileFixer first offered automatic design file repair. How many software applications can you think of that have been best sellers in their field for almost 20 years? FileFixer’s longevity as a perennial favorite is a testament to the brilliance of its concept and execution.

    Early on, Axiom promoted FileFixer with campaigns such as the one above:
    Note the tape reel symbolism. (Yes, early versions of FileFixer were delivered on reels of tape!)

    And then there was MicroStation V8.
    By the time MicroStation V8 was first released commercially, back in October 2001, Axiom’s FileFixer development team had already been working on FileFixer for V8 for more than a year.

    V8 introduced the first design file format change ever for MicroStation — really a file format overhaul — and with it came an entirely new universe of design file corruption.

    MicroStation users had not previously encountered structured storage corruption (when a V8 file’s internal directory is destroyed), disappearing level definitions, duplicate level definitions or elements existing beyond the edge of the design plane. These forms of corruption are unique to MicroStation V8, necessitating Axiom’s invention of entirely new design file analysis and repair techniques. Although FileFixer for V8 retained the outward appearance of FileFixer, there was an entirely new engine under the hood.

    Even though it was rebuilt from the ground up, our customers continue to praise its results: “I like the tools in MicroStation Productivity Toolkit, particularly FileFixer. I use it a lot. FileFixer has saved me many hours of lost work. With FileFixer, I don’t have to go into the archive or rebuild an entire drawing from scratch. FileFixer alone makes MicroStation Productivity Toolkit worth it,” stated R. Saldivar, Pacific Gas & Electric.

    If you’re a CAD manager or MicroStation user, you should attend a free, on-line demonstration of this legendary application to learn about common forms of XM file corruption and FileFixer’s automatic search and repair capabilities.

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