FileFixer even handles explosive decompression.

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  • Clearwater, Florida, USA — “HELP ME! I can’t open my V8 file with MicroStation!” Axiom’s support team hears this plea all too often. They receive more calls about V8 design file corruption than V7 design file corruption.

    MicroStation attempts to abort gracefully after opening a corrupted V8 file.

    MicroStation V8 users report models which they can’t activate. They also report elements which no longer reside on a defined level. MicroStation users commonly complain about elements which can’t be selected, moved or copied. All of these project stoppers are obvious manifestations of design file corruption — and FileFixer can eliminate every one of these problems, allowing you to get back to work.

    Theoretically, any bit (“0” or “1”) in a design file can represent the wrong (corrupted) value. There are an infinite number of corruption possibilities. Yesterday’s power glitch or that flaky new network card (or any number of other factors) can disrupt data transfer and change the state of any bit in your design files.

    Fortunately, FileFixer is able to identify and repair the most disastrous categories of MicroStation design file corruption. Out of the billions or trillions of zeros and ones in your design files, FileFixer can detect the true production killers and budget busters — those corrupted bits which block projects and cause MicroStation users the most headaches. FileFixer is like Sherlock Holmes on steroids — it can literally find the right grain of sand on the beach.

    FileFixer’s Search and Repair capabilities have evolved from nearly two decades of relentless research and development — all focused on analysis of corrupt design files submitted to Axiom by MicroStation users like you.

    The latest version of FileFixer for V8 (version 8.7d) distinguishes itself by achieving an unprecedented milestone for FileFixer. The most menacing remaining category of V8 corruption has been conquered by new FileFixer Search and Repair features. This means Axiom now provides complete corruption solutions for all of the most commonly encountered categories of V7 and V8 corruption, confirmed by detailed analysis of customer files.

    What was the last unconquered continent in the world of V8 design file corruption?

    Internal compression damage can destroy a lot of drawing geometry.

    Explosive Decompression
    The innermost data in all V8 files is compressed (like .zip files). When the compressed portions of a V8 file are damaged, there is no way to access the elements within.

    Internal compression damage was discovered to be the most common new form of V8 file corruption — FileFixer for V8 version 8.7d now handles this. Tests confirm recovery of thousands of previously inaccessible elements in corrupted files submitted by MicroStation users.

    No other application anywhere, including MicroStation itself, can open files with severe internal compression damage — except FileFixer for V8. FileFixer can recover these previously inaccessible elements — allowing you to get back to work!

    The completeness of FileFixer for V8 now matches its older sibling, FileFixer for V7. Axiom has now conquered all continents of corruption for both V7 and V8.

    Do not wait until there’s trouble on your island. Run FileFixer as a preventative maintenance program to catch and fix design file corruption in the early stages.

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