FileFixer release detects and repairs another new V8-specific fatal error.

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  • Enhanced reporting features also added to new release.

    Clearwater, Florida, USA — It’s official. The judge’s final tabulation has been revealed. “No prior release of FileFixer has included a longer list of enhancements. These new enhancements will help resurrect annihilated design files faster than ever,” said Axiom Product Manager Steve Palmer.

    Don’t let your hard work go up in smoke. Automatically repair MicroStation files with FileFixer.

    Three major enhancements include automatic detection and repair of a V8-specific fatal error (described in detail below), automatic detection and repair of design file header elements (element type 9) and greatly enhanced reporting features that enhances the user’s ability to quickly discover what’s wrong and what can be done about it.

    [Editor’s Note: Because of the sheer number of new enhancements made to FileFixer, we decided to cover just a few of them in this publication. To get a full list of the new enhancements or to download a free evaluation copy, call 727-442-7774 extension 1209 or send an e-mail to]

    FileFixer for V8 repairs scrambled V8 files so that MicroStation can open them.

    Newly discovered V8-specific fatal error is now handled automatically.
    One new category of V8 design file corruption is so severe that MicroStation is not able to access the data in a V8 design file even when the file’s internal data itself is intact.

    FileFixer for V8 now detects and handles “cross-linked” data — a term coined by Axiom to describe a scrambled internal directory in a V8 file.

    When FileFixer detects this error, it sorts through the wreckage and repairs the internal directory so that the file can again be accessed by MicroStation.

    This new feature is similar to recovering a corrupted hard drive with Symantec’s “Undelete” which allows users to access data that is still present on the hard drive but inaccessible due to a corrupted internal directory on the hard drive.

    Finally! V8 design file header elements can be fixed with FileFixer.
    The design file header element is normally the first element in a MicroStation design file. It stores a variety of vital information. When it is corrupted, entire projects can be put on hold. FileFixer replaces a corrupt design file header with a healthy one. Design file header corruption might be the culprit when:

    • MicroStation can’t open the file.
    • The FIT command behaves oddly.
    • MicroStation aborts after loading the file.
    • Text elements do not display correctly.
    • There is other odd, inexplicable behavior when attempting to work with the file.

    This vital and frequently used FileFixer for V7 feature is now available to MicroStation V8 users for the first time.

    Selecting <“Serious Errors” and worse (errors 600 and greater)> in your search settings lets you zero in on serious design file problems.

    FileFixer’s reports are now on steroids (it’s a metaphor, not an Olympic disqualification).

    FileFixer’s reports include hyperlinks from every error to the exact passage in the user guide that describes what the error means. The latest release of FileFixer also includes hyperlinks from every “Search and Repair” option to the appropriate passage in the user guide.

    “The new FileFixer for V8 is a life-saver for anyone using MicroStation V8,” said Palmer. “Not only did we re-write the program from the ground up for V8, we’ve added numerous enhancements to the program making this the most valuable new FileFixer release ever.”

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