Finding CAD project data is fast and easy with CadExplorer.

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  • CadExplorer displays your CAD data in spreadsheet-like views, making it easy to review the data. What can this do for you? Well the answer to that is contained in the article above — “New technology lets you analyze your MicroStation data in ways never before possible!” I recommend you read that article first, as it covers some of the amazing kinds of things this technology can do for you. Then come back to this article for a brief “how-to” on using it.

    Figure 1. CadExplorer lets you magically ignore the boundaries between MicroStation files. With it, you can instantly find and display MicroStation models and elements from hundreds of design files in a single spreadsheet-like view!

    When you first load CadExplorer, you will see your CAD project data organized by server drives, subdirectory folders, design files, models and individual MicroStation elements.

    A huge, multi-row display of all elements from all project files isn’t immediately useful (information overload). No problem — CadExplorer offers several simple tools for zeroing in on the exact data you need.

    For instance, let’s say you wanted to find all project design files in which one or more text elements contain a certain substring. CadExplorer easily lets you do this. Simply click on the “Elements” tab to display information about the elements in the various design files in your project. Then, move your mouse cursor over the “Element Type” column. When your mouse cursor hovers over a column heading, a little “filter” symbol displays. When you click on the filter symbol, a drop-down list of filtering options appears. Figure 2 shows how you would select text elements.

    Figure 2. CadExplorer prevents information overload by allowing you to filter your results so that you can zero in on your data.

    The spreadsheet-like view refreshes to display only text elements. You can then, likewise, filter the “Text” column (or any other column) to isolate the exact elements you are interested in. For example, if you wanted to isolate all instances of the text string “Drew Street”, simply hover your cursor over the “Text” column and use the filter as described above (see Figure 3).

    CadExplorer’s flexible filtering lets you perform laser-precise searches, which instantly zero in on any CAD element or elements you need to see. Other columns can be filtered as well. Column filtering works exactly the same way for Elements, Models, Files, Cells, Tags, Folders and Drives — you can filter columns under any tab. Your filters can also be saved and re-used over and over.

    Figure 3. After filtering your view, CadExplorer automatically refreshes and shows only the information you want.

    You can define, on the fly, a customized view of your CAD data, which includes exactly and only what you need to see. Then create another custom view of your data and save it too.

    Tip of the iceberg
    CadExplorer provides complete details about your CAD files. Because the variety of information available is so extensive, it is not practical to include examples of everything in one article. We invite you to see a free, on-line demonstration where you can witness the full, unleashed capabilities of CadExplorer.

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