Fitting in MicroStation training efficiently into a large CAD shop.

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MicroStation user spotlight: Greg Hall of Carter & Burgess.

FORT WORTH, TEXAS, USA — Many of you non-Texans may not know that Fort Worth is known as the city “where the West begins.” The phrase refers to Fort Worth’s rich cowboy heritage and rough-and-tumble beginnings. Now, Fort Worth is a bustling metropolis full of culture and diversity. But why are we sharing this bit of trivia about Fort Worth with you? Because this month’s user profile comes from “Cowtown” and introduces y’all to Carter & Burgess’ Greg Hall.

Greg Hall, after his office was ransacked by his co-workers on his 40th birthday. Looks like a heck of a party!

Greg Hall is the Manager for Information Technology for the CAD services at Carter & Burgess’ Fort Worth office. Carter & Burgess has 36 offices in 21 states, 2,300 employees and is uniquely organized into “core competencies” by market sector, instead of a discipline-based structure like most AEC firms. Greg, who loves spending quality time at home with his family, has also managed to find time to organize the company’s first employee racquetball league, which will be sponsored by Carter & Burgess.

The following is Greg’s take on how LearningBay fits into his company’s workflow:

“I manage the CAD support staff (five including myself), who supports approximately 250 multi-disciplined CAD drafters and designers, of which 180 are MicroStation users. In addition, I provide CAD support to other Carter & Burgess offices and I’m responsible for acquiring and maintaining CAD-related corporate software agreements and licensing.

LearningBay fits into our workflow very nicely. We use the LearningBay ‘straight out of the box.’ Its in-depth modules show the full capabilities of MicroStation to the users at their convenience, keeping the hours spent on non-billable time to a minimum. Currently we are training users on MicroStation V7 Essentials and MicroStation V8 User Update.

LearningBay works well as a training tool for new staff members as well as for our seasoned MicroStation users. We have found that our new engineers in training and engineering interns have had more exposure to other CAD platforms than MicroStation. LearningBay brings someone new to MicroStation up to speed and right into production quickly.

“For the seasoned MicroStation user, LearningBay’s V8 Users Update focuses on the new features and capabilities MicroStation V8 while showing that Bentley still maintains a continued resemblance to the old MicroStation look and feel. This makes the transition for our seasoned users much easier than having to deal with huge learning curves during peak production intervals.”

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