Five reasons why LearningBay training could be dangerous

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  • Before you consider any LearningBay MicroStation, GEOPAK or InRoads training, read the following

    By David McDaniel
    Clearwater, Florida, USA — Let’s get right to the point. This whole election season has been about “change”, and with the presidential inauguration just around the corner, there are still plenty of you out there concerned about what that might mean. Change is a pain. In order to “change” you’ve got to learn new things. Or get better at the things you’re already doing. Change can be dangerous. With that in mind, and because of the potential dangers involved with the growing use of LearningBay, I felt it was important to make a public service announcement:

    CAD managers and users alike are susceptible to the dangers of training.

    Be prepared before you buy LearningBay online training.
    To help clarify, I’ve summarized five key effects that show why you should take care before purchasing LearningBay.

    1. LearningBay revives the overworked and overloaded CAD manager.
    Seventy-nine percent of CAD managers are responsible for providing internal training, while tasked to keep production levels high and projects on schedule. Fifty-three percent of CAD managers rely on the user to request training or seek technical support, which means that training occurs at the last possible minute. (Source: Evolve Consultancy CAD Manager’s Survey 2007.) Ninety-five percent of CAD Managers perform the actual training. (Source: Cutting Edge CAD Management 2008.) This training is almost always done in addition to their regular workload.

    LearningBay online training provides CAD managers with over 100 browser-based courses on MicroStation, GEOPAK, InRoads and Microsoft Office. These courses consist of more than ten thousand pages, videos, hands-on exercises and technical illustrations, all in one easy-to-find location. And to make it even easier, nothing has to be installed on the employees’ computers. Imagine designers having access to any training they need whenever they need it, without ever having to leave their desks and without overworking the CAD manager.

    Okay. That all sounds great. But think about it. Can you imagine a bunch of “revived” CAD managers running around and all the trouble this would cause management in having to find something for them to do to keep them busy because all their projects are completed ahead of schedule? Just thought you should know.

    2. LearningBay becomes your own in-house CAD expert and is just one mouse-click away.
    Here’s the scoop: A MicroStation expert authors each LearningBay course on MicroStation. The same goes for each of the GEOPAK, InRoads and other courses offered by LearningBay. The full power of that experience is applied to all aspects of the technical information in the courses. A professional interface walks the user, step-by-step, through the materials with descriptions, videos and “hands on” exercises. Areas of interest can also be accessed directly, allowing users to easily learn or brush up on specific topics.

    Now, if you’re up for that, great. But the danger here is that your users will become more enabled and therefore less reliant on you or others for help. Keep that in mind when considering LearningBay.

    3. LearningBay improves production levels.
    Clearly this is dangerous. If you’re doing more in less time… well, you don’t need me to add it up for you. No boss likes free time. People should be grinding away from the time they clock in to the time they clock out. You’d have to find something to do with all that extra time you now have available. This is definitely a scary prospect.

    With projects done ahead of schedule, you’ll need to find something for your users to do before they start getting bored.

    4. LearningBay can get you an extra CAD designer — for free.
    You see, LearningBay provides courses for new and advanced users, designed to improve performance. Training increases proficiency in using CAD tools which raises both production and quality levels.

    For example, assuming 250 workdays in a year (50 weeks x 5 Days [2-week vacation]), if an employee improves his or her speed and efficiency by just 5%, that’s equivalent to getting 12.5 additional days’ worth of work out of that designer for the year. For a company of 20 CAD users (all training on LearningBay), this increases production level by an additional 250 workdays (20 x 12.5 = 250). Or, to put it another way, for every 20 CAD users training with LearningBay, you essentially get a 21st user for free.

    I don’t think I need to point out the danger in that — somebody might get a pay raise or even a promotion. Yikes!

    5. LearningBay extends the workweek.
    Possibly the most dangerous result of owning LearningBay is that users would have more time during the week to work on projects. Since many students often don’t have the time or resources to attend instructor-led training, online training provides access to training materials anytime, allowing users to train at their own pace and refer back to the materials as needed. Rather than spending hours going back and forth to another location for training, employees can now spend more time on their projects, thus extending the workweek without actually having to put in more time.

    Problem is, “everyone knows” that students can’t learn unless they’ve got someone standing over them, breathing down their neck. Who cares if LearningBay lets you check up on them and review their progress? It isn’t the same. And “at their own pace”? Come on. Students need to learn as one, all together like cattle. It really is the only way.

    In summary, there’s no substitute for knowing how to use your CAD tools in the most efficient and effective manner possible. Now that you’re aware of the likely results of owning LearningBay, you can proceed with appropriate caution.

    Just don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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