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  • New release now works with V8i

    Clearwater, Florida, USA — When design file corruption slows your project down — or worse, brings it to a halt — you don’t have time to mess around. You need the file salvaged now! You need help. FileFixer for V8 gives you that help fast. The latest version from Axiom handles MicroStation V8i files too.

    FileFixer continues the tradition of repairing corruption by adding support for design files created by the latest MicroStation version, V8i.

    Have you ever had a design file that wouldn’t open? Have you ever been frustrated with MicroStation elements or models that behaved oddly? Have you ever had problems with plotting? For over 20 years, FileFixer has been the tool of choice for CAD managers and CAD users alike to fix these issues. FileFixer gives you the exact technical data you need to understand what’s wrong with your MicroStation V8, XM and V8i files and to fix them fast!

    When you run FileFixer, it generates a hyperlinked report. Clicking on a link in the report takes you to the exact user’s guide paragraph you need, speeding your full understanding of the problem, so you can fix your design file that much faster. Here’s how it works: Say you’ve got a project deadline on your hands and a dead design file that FileFixer is reporting as having error “619”. [Editor’s note: FileFixer for V8 reports error 619 for elements which have one or more coordinates dangerously close to or outside the design plane or cube.] You probably don’t have a lot of time to study up on the different forms of file corruption, because your boss wants the project done now! The great thing is there’s no research required! Just click on one of the report’s hyperlinked error numbers and a detailed explanation of that error is displayed on your screen. These report hyperlinks provide the shortcut that power users have come to depend on. Of course, if you’re really in a hurry or you don’t need to understand the problem — you just want it fixed — you can still ignore the report entirely and just let FileFixer work its magic automatically. The choice is yours.

    In addition to the hyperlinks in the reports, specific help like this is also available for all FileFixer’s settings dialog boxes such as General Settings, Search Settings, Repair Settings and so on.

    Using its default settings, FileFixer can detect and repair the vast majority of design file corruption automatically. But let’s face it, design file corruption is infinitely diverse. Any bit, containing “0” or “1”, out of the millions of bits in a large design file, can potentially contain the wrong value and corrupt the file. To handle this broad range of potential corruption, MicroStation users may need to use FileFixer’s non-default search or repair settings to fully salvage a file. Each of FileFixer’s search and repair settings are thoroughly described in its user’s guide, including advice for when each setting should be used. But what’s the fastest way to find the exact search or repair setting needed to bring a corrupted file back to life?

    Each FileFixer settings dialog box includes a help button that immediately displays the relevant section of the FileFixer user’s guide. Instant access to the precise help you need!

    With FileFixer, you will never be more than a mouse click away from the exact help you need in order to understand why a design file is misbehaving and what to do about it.

    When solving design file problems caused by corruption, FileFixer context-sensitive help is always just a click away.

    Smart CAD managers know FileFixer is not just for emergencies. That’s because you can also use FileFixer for preventative maintenance. By simply scheduling regular searches for problems in all of a project’s design files, FileFixer can detect and handle damaged files before they impact projects.

    Entirely new forms of file corruption have been discovered in V8 files submitted to Axiom by MicroStation users. FileFixer is the only application that can open and salvage the most severely corrupted design files. There is no other solution.

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