Former Marine — and mother of two — does eight hours of work in 60 minutes using Global File Changer.

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SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA, USA — Some people don’t mind doing long, laborious tasks — Tammy Burgoa of Metcalf & Eddy Incorporated in San Diego, California is not one of those people. Being an industrious person, Tammy lets MicroStation Productivity Toolkit do much of her repetitive work for her, so she can focus on more important job functions. By doing so, she has the time to run two offices, make sure her two sons never get to say ‘I’m bored” and stay relaxed in sunny California.

Tammy Burgoa (inset) and her sons, Sergio (top) and Corey

We were interested in what she had to say about MicroStation Productivity Toolkit and wanted to share it with you.

MicroStation Today: Tell us a bit about yourself.
Tammy: I was in the Marines for four years where I worked as a Communications Operator and served in the Gulf War. I am a single mom of two wonderful boys and I am originally from New York. I’ve been in the CAD industry for about five years now and I work for Metcalf & Eddy Incorporated. I am the CAD manager of our San Diego and Orange County offices.

MST: What kind of projects do you work on?
Tammy: I do a lot of civil, structural, mechanical and electrical drafting and design in the water and wastewater field. I have worked on many projects with the City of San Diego, along with Caltrans (California Department of Transportation), Sprinter Rail Project with the City of Escondido and VandenBerg Air Force Base. I am currently working on a Process Wastewater Project for a Winery located in Esparta, California. The City of San Diego projects consist primarily of water, sewer and wastewater projects. I use Axiom FileFixer religiously for all files — and the City requires it — and it has actually saved me many hours of work and, in turn, has saved my company thousands of dollars.

MST: What other Axiom Products do you use?
Tammy: I have MicroStation Productivity Toolkit and use many of the utilities in it. I use SpecChecker, which helps me find errors according to my project’s standards and allows me to submit my project error-free, which makes my clients very happy. I recently began using SpecMonitor, which allows me to begin a project, using specific standards and rules, and know that the project will be on-standard when it is complete. This has saved my company time and money and will definitely save us a lot more in the future with its continued use on new projects. Also, RefManager and CellManager have saved many man-hours and thousands of dollars since the change from MicroStation J to V8.

The Axiom tech support consultants have always been very helpful in answering and solving any problems that I have encountered in the past.

MST: What kind of problems has Toolkit saved you from?
Tammy: Well, one particular problem that I remember running into back in the summer of 2005 was an issue with the Metropolitan Biosolids Center Project for the City of San Diego. I upgraded from MicroStation V7 to V8 in the middle of the project and had to change from International Feet to Survey Feet. The working unit change caused the proposed work on my drawings to be off by 12 feet. I was able to quickly fix the problem with the push of one button with Global File Changer and solved the problem in one hour verses eight hours. It was only 30 drawings, but imagine if it were more? Someone had even explained to me prior how to fix the problem the long way, which would have had me recreating each drawing all over again by re-referencing and merging files into each drawing, which would have taken me at least eight hours to do.

MST: Where would you go if you could go anywhere in the world?
Tammy: If I could go anywhere in the world right now, it would have to be back to where my ancestors came from — Sicily, Italy. My boys would probably just want to go somewhere where there’s either a lot of snow for snowboarding or big waves for surfing.

MST: What kinds of activities do you and your family like to do in California?
Tammy: I love California because of the weather, but I miss New York because my entire family still resides there. I enjoy boxing and kickboxing, softball, rollerblading and taking my boys camping, hiking, snowboarding and to the desert.

My oldest son, Corey, is 14, plays guitar and loves to snowboard, surf and skateboard. Sergio is nine. He plays the drums and loves to swim, wakeboard, snowboard and has a purple belt in karate.

MST: Thank you so much for your time, Tammy.
Tammy: Thank you so much for yours.

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