Google and MicroStation have baby!

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  • An Axiom exclusive

    Clearwater, Florida, USA — If Google and MicroStation had a baby, what would be the capabilities of their offspring?

    The baby could pre-fetch commonly needed information about MicroStation designs and store the data efficiently in a database, ready to provide you with instant answers at any time.

    You could ask the baby just about any question about your MicroStation designs and he (or she) could provide an answer instantly.

    If you needed to know the status of project reference file attachments or cell usage, the baby could tell you instantly — the baby wouldn’t need to scan hundreds of multi-megabyte design files from top to bottom — the baby would already know the answer!

    The baby’s answers would be neatly presented in spreadsheet-like format, and the baby would gladly customize the content for you — sorting, filtering or grouping data any way you can imagine. Of course, the baby would remember your personal preferences and reuse them when he responds to your requests in the future.

    Your IT personnel would appreciate the baby just as much as your CAD personnel. The baby could work with your IT department’s existing databases as readily as the baby integrated with MicroStation in your CAD department. In fact, the baby, being so cute and talented, just might unite your IT and CAD departments for the first time!

    What if this unbelievably talented baby actually existed?

    It does!

    The secret Google-MicroStation baby was born in 2008!
    This amazing baby is actually the brain-child of Axiom’s founder, David Greenbaum. Axiom announces the release of CadExplorer — the first in a series of releases using a new technology that combines powerful database search engine techniques with CAD.

    MicroStation users no longer need to wait minutes or hours for their project files to be scanned for simple (or complex) reports. Just click a button and the report appears instantly (the data was pre-collected earlier and stored efficiently in a database).

    The baby’s super powers are unbelievable to mere mortals.
    CadExplorer’s unprecedented capabilities almost defy description. Simple statements about the capabilities might sound unbelievable, but are nevertheless true.

    With CadExplorer you can:

    • Easily browse any or all project folders, project files, models, levels and elements. You can sort, filter and group this information in any way that you can imagine.
    • Instantly find text, cells and tags in any model, file or project.
    • Identify duplicate files or models anywhere in your enterprise.
    • Instantly discover details about any reference file attachment, in any file or model, in any project. For example, you can get information such as each attachment’s filename, full path, logical name, description and attachment type (vector or raster).
    • Instantly collect information about the usage of cells in any design or anywhere project-wide. For example, you can obtain each cell’s name, cell type (regular or shared), cell description and the unique element ID of each cell instance.
    • Instantly identify odd-ball deviations from project standards in one or many project files.
    • Synergize with your IT personnel in unprecedented ways. IT personnel can generate reports about your CAD projects using the common database structured query language (SQL), Crystal Reports and other tools they are already experts in.

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