Google SketchUp attachments supported in new RefManager for MicroStation V8.

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CLEARWATER, FLORIDA, USA — Axiom, the world’s most experienced developer of time-saving MicroStation software solutions, announces the release of RefManager for V8 version 8.4a. RefManager allows users to manipulate, debug, organize and control MicroStation reference file attachments in bulk.

Google SketchUp model of the Bank of America building in Saint Petersburg, Flori

RefManager for V8 now supports Google SketchUp reference file attachments, a feature new to MicroStation V8 XM Edition.

Google SketchUp is a simple-to-use 3D modeling system. Bentley and Google recently joined forces to develop support for SketchUp 3D models as MicroStation reference files. Axiom handles SketchUp reference file attachments like other vector MicroStation reference file attachments — such as V7 and V8 DGN files and DWG files.

RefManager allows users to stay in control of every reference file attachment on their CAD system. Whether users want to make bulk modifications, attach or detach references or even report on the status of attachments, RefManager can complete many tasks ten to a hundred times faster than MicroStation on its own.

Users can easily learn how to use SketchUp with the self-paced tutorial that is included.

Other recent RefManager enhancements make it even easier to standardize your level display settings — for every level, for any view, in any attachment, in one or many master files.

Also, RefManager now allows greater control of Global Display and Global Freeze for all attachment levels. RefManager saves level display settings for re-use over and over to create discipline-specific sheet files or snapshots of project milestones as your project progresses.

Enhanced Level Display and Level Symbology Reports
By popular demand, RefManager now offers full reporting capability for V8 attachment level display and level symbology settings.

Enhanced Level Selection
RefManager for V8’s level display and level symbology modification features are all intimately connected with the levels used in your reference file attachments. It is now easier than ever to precisely select the levels you want to process with RefManager.
Level selection enhancements include:

  • Wildcard search for matching level names.
  • Display of level descriptions and the name of the file from which the level definitions were obtained — for example, one or more different .dgnlibs.
  • The ability to read level names from a file (indicated by “@” and full path).

RefManager now allows you to turn on or off the display of levels in reference files.

RefManager now allows you to modify level symbology in multiple files at the same time.

And there’s more…
RefManager now offers a master file model search filter. This allows precise control over which master file models are processed by RefManager. Also included is a new option to exclude files from reports if they do not match the selection criteria — this results in more concise reports. Clipping boundaries are now reported in user-friendly master units instead of Units of Resolution. Regular, Cross-reference and Missing reports now process read-only master files.

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