How ONE software tool allows you to unlock all the secrets of your MicroStation files anywhere on your network

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Find and fix errors before they find and fix you.

Clearwater, ­Florida, USA — There are some things that CAD users and CAD man­agers need from MicroStation that it simply doesn’t do (or does very slowly). Sometimes, the limitations of MicroStation cost you a lot of time; other times, they can cost you your reputation. For instance, according to the specifications from your client, there should be a total of 387 traffic lights in the project. You need to make sure they’re all there. What do you do now? Open all 280 design files and count — good thing you went to school — the traffic lights and hope you don’t miss one or get interrupted?

Here’s another example. Let’s say you’re getting ready to submit a project to your client. When you start inspecting the design files, you run across of few odd-ball mistakes such as a misspelled level name, an incorrect line weight and text that’s on the wrong level — and you haven’t even inspected a quarter of the design files in the project yet. Ever wanted a faster way to do this? MicroStation, by itself, has no easy way to go through tens or hundreds or thousands of design files at a time and gather up virtually all of the information — level, color, style, weight, text content, cell names, tag data and many other pieces of information — that is stored in those files and MicroStation certainly can’t then display, sort and filter all that information for you in an easy-to-understand grid.

What if you needed to see if there were any cells that appear only once in any of your design files anywhere on your network? How many of those “one-hit wonders” do you think are misspelled or are non-standard versions of a cell that should have been used? Would the ability to view, sort and filter a list of every cell used in any design file in any project on your network be helpful? Being able to spot misspellings or a single-instance cell becomes much easier and faster when you have these aforementioned capabilities. Once you’ve found a cell that appears out of place, wouldn’t it be nice if you could just click a button and instantly open up the design file or cell library containing the odd cell and zoom right in on it so you can see for yourself exactly what is going on? Wouldn’t it be great if you could save some time, improve your reputation as a CAD genius and maybe increase your job security a little?

Now you can. The above are just a few examples of how CadExplorer can save you time and help make you look good. CadExplorer uses technology similar to your favorite search engine (like Google or Yahoo). Search engines use applications called “Internet bots” to scan the World Wide Web at regular intervals, building a database of every web page found. Similarly, CadExplorer scans your CAD project directories to maintain a database of all MicroStation design files, models and elements in a project or at an entire site. CadExplorer’s database is a live, up-to-date, instantly accessible storehouse of your MicroStation project data. CadExplorer can instantly display your information because all project data is collected before you request it.

CadExplorer version 3.0 introduces a central CadExplorer server, which controls when one or many CadExplorer agents scan (“spider”) your project files anywhere on your network. All collected design file information is saved to the common CadExplorer database — a CadExplorer “browser” can then display, search and export data from anywhere on your network.

CadExplorer’s database distinguishes it from other CAD utility software — including Axiom’s MicroStation Productivity Toolkit applications. You don’t have to wait for an application to open, scan and close each and every project file — which can be quite time-consuming, especially when you’re dealing with 10, 20 or 30 megabyte files (or larger). CadExplorer takes advantage of optimized relational database queries to provide instantaneous views of reference files, cells, levels, symbology — and more!

The SmartTabs feature lets you quickly save customized views of your project data. You can then use these customized views over and over simply by selecting the saved view.

You can also create and save your own customized views which include any of the data pre-collected and saved in the database (just about anything about your design files you can think of). Your customized views can be saved and re-used over and over.

With CadExplorer, any MicroStation user can:

  • Instantly find Micro­Station elements using any combination of color, level, weight, text content, cell name, tag data, element size and many other element attributes.
  • Modify selected text strings in just seconds — complete with a preview of your proposed text changes in a spreadsheet-like view before committing them to your design files. There is no easier way to select, preview and modify text across multiple design files.
  • Instantly identify ele­ments with inconsistent symbology, mis-named levels, obsolete cell names, missing reference file logical names — to name a few possibilities — with CadExplorer’s filtering, sorting and grouping features.
  • Double-click on any suspicious or oddball element displayed in the grid and CadExplorer will instantly open up the design file or cell library in MicroStation and zoom right in on the troublemaker so you can see for yourself exactly what is going on.
  • Confirm you’ve got the correct reference files attached to your project files.
  • Instantly display how many times each cell is included in a certain set of design files (for use in a bill of materials, for example).
  • Export any sorted, filtered, grouped view of your CAD data from CadExplorer to Microsoft Excel.
  • Magically ignore the boundaries between MicroStation files — view all project data without opening design files one at a time.
  • Save customized queries for handy reuse whenever needed! All sorting and filtering is remembered.

You can do all of the above easily with CadExplorer right out of the box.

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