How the new release of Microsoft Office Importer guarantees more pie this holiday season

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  • CLEARWATER, FLORIDA, USA — We know that the work-a-day world is filled with deadlines. These deadlines can turn into late nights at the office, away from our friends and families. Now that the holiday season is here, we especially want to focus on our family. This is the time to come together, watch football and fight over who gets the last bit of apple pie — not spend nights and weekends toiling away at tedious design tasks that eat up leisure time. Axiom likes to do its part in helping families come together during this time.

    Frequently, we speak to MicroStation users who have difficulties not just importing their Excel spreadsheets and Word documents into their design files, but also managing how the data inside these spreadsheets and documents is formatted in their design files. Microsoft Office Importer has always helped these users save valuable time when importing and managing the formatting of spreadsheet or document data in their MicroStation design files.

    The “office updateall” key-in will automatically update all Microsoft Office Importer links in a design file.

    With the newest release of Microsoft Office Importer, users can save even more time when managing data from Excel and Word documents that has been imported into MicroStation.

    Update All
    Microsoft Office Importer versions 3.9b and 8.5e have the ability to automatically update all of the pastes in a single design file with a key-in command.

    The key-in command “office updateall” now allows users to update all the linked spreadsheets and documents in the active design file at any time. Previous versions only updated all of the links when the design file was opened. The only way to update all of the imported Microsoft Office Importer links was to close the design file and reopen it. Now, all a user has to do is execute the key-in command for all of the links to be updated at any time while Office Importer is loaded.

    Flawless formatting internationally
    Microsoft Office Importer users have always enjoyed flawless formatting of their Excel spreadsheets and Word documents when importing them into their design files. International users, however, namely users in China and Japan, have not been able to partake in Microsoft Office Importer’s formatting excellence. Unicode is a method of storing characters using 16 bits rather than the standard ASCII 8 bits. This allows support for more characters, especially useful with languages such as Chinese, Japanese and Greek. Prior to Microsoft Office Importer version 8.5c, these users could not successfully import Chinese and Japanese fonts into their design files. The reason for this was Microsoft Office Importer’s lack of Unicode font support.

    Using the Paste Special | Linked Text to Design File command in MicroStation leaves imported Unicode text as question marks, whereas Microsoft Office Importer will import the text perfectly.

    Now, Microsoft Office Importer can import any Unicode font flawlessly into V8 design files. Even if the user has a mixture of Chinese, Japanese, Cyrillic and Greek, Office Importer can handle all of the fonts simultaneously!

    Users can control every aspect of their text as it is imported into their design files. Color, weight, level, style, font, text size and other attributes are all changed in the Microsoft Office Importer settings dialog. Users importing spreadsheets can also dictate the color, weight, style and level of their borderlines.

    This latest release of Microsoft Office Importer streamlines the task of updating all spreadsheet and document data imported into a design file, while maintaining Unicode fonts used in the source file. With each release of Microsoft Office Importer we are constantly changing the way MicroStation users look at importing spreadsheets and documents into their design files.

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