How to create your own personal workspace

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  • By Mike Arroyo, Axiom Product Manager
    If MicroStation is installed on a single computer, but if different people share it, you should consider making your own personal space to keep your workspace settings intact. This is how you do it.

    1. From the MicroStation Manager dialog box, locate the Workspace area with three drop-down menus labeled User, Project and Interface. Click on the Interface drop-down menu and select “New…”.
    2. Enter your name and a description as required inside the “Create Interface” dialog box. Press the <OK> button to complete. The new interface is now active.
    3. Click on the Project drop-down menu and select New.
    4. Enter the name of your current project with a description. Press <OK> to complete. Note how a folder (whose name matches the project you entered) is created under the “Projects” directory.
    5. Click on the User drop-down menu and select “New…”. This brings up the “Create User Configuration File” dialog box. Enter the name you want to assign to your user configuration file. Then, press <OK>.
    6. Select a default project folder and user interface. Press <OK>. From now on, your user name will activate the default project folder and interface.

    And that’s it! Enjoy!

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