How to get a project done that no one else can do

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  • By Eiren Smith
    Clearwater, Florida, USA — It all started with a phone call. A client, we’ll call him “Lazarus”, was talking to his Axiom MicroStation Consultant, we’ll call him “Ruben” (because that’s his name). Although the call was regarding Lazarus’ Axiom products, the conversation eventually turned to Lazarus’ other needs, of which he had plenty. Turns out he had at least five different software development projects and no qualified programmers to execute them. This was software that Lazarus’ company was already selling for V7 but which he badly needed to migrate to V8 — which is no small task — to satisfy clients that had already migrated over and were just keeping V7 around to use Lazarus’ company’s tools. It was really becoming a problem. Lazarus asked Ruben to recommend an MDL (MicroStation Development Language) developer.

    Axiom’s programming team has been producing stellar commercial products for over 20 years and maintains an extensive library of features and tools. This allows the rapid building of stable, feature-rich, custom applications that meet your exact specifications.

    “Well,” Ruben told him, “I’m glad you mentioned that. Didn’t you know we also provide custom programming?” Without thinking, Lazarus showed his surprise by blurting out, “Why would you share your programmers and tricks with anyone? Well, you know what I mean: why not focus it only on your own products?”
    Ruben understood his surprise and went on to explain that a significant part of what Axiom does is custom programming and that there’s no reason not to share Axiom’s tremendous body of MicroStation development experience with others by providing this service.
    As it turns out, Lazarus was in a hurry — a big one. He needed the first of his projects completed in about six weeks, which was a tight squeeze due to the scope of the project. Axiom put some of its best talent on the job to ensure that the project got done on time and on budget.

    The secret to success is…
    The secret to successful custom programming is prediction. Axiom’s custom programming team knows what to expect at every step of the project because they’ve been doing this for over 20 years. As is usually the case, the right guys for the job were already busy working on a number of Axiom’s software utilities (they’re constantly adding new features to Axiom’s existing line of products) and new releases. But in this case, the client really needed help, so they found a way to wrap up or turn over each of the projects they were already working on so they could focus on getting Lazarus what he needed. The next step was easier than usual — the specification. It was easier than usual because in this case, Lazarus actually had someone at his company with experience writing software specifications for them and he did a good job. So the programming team only needed to ensure the specifications didn’t omit any requirements, didn’t contain anything illogical and that it was doable in the time available.
    Once everyone agreed on the specifications, Lazarus was given a price quote. Lazarus saw that it was a great price for the scope of work and quickly accepted it. Shortly thereafter, the contract was signed and work began.
    The first project was delivered on time and within budget and Lazarus has since contracted with Axiom for more custom programming projects.
    Just like Axiom’s commercial software utilities, their custom programming service has a very high level of repeat customers. Customers who need custom programming keep coming back for more because they know they’re getting the best MDL, C++, database and .NET development around. [Editor’s note: “C++” is a multi-purpose programming language used for a wide variety of software applications and “.NET” is Microsoft’s application development platform that enables developers to create Windows applications, web applications and web services using a number of different programming languages.] They also know that they are getting a professional organization that is the top in their field and, inexplicably, the best price at the same time.
    After the second project, Lazarus asked Ruben how Axiom could have such competitive bids when Axiom’s quality is higher than anyone Lazarus had used before. Ruben’s answer was simple: Organization. It’s not just a single player; it’s the whole team, from Axiom’s management to its product managers, programmers, testers and quality staff. Axiom’s team has learned how to make great software every time. Axiom knows what it takes to make a project a winner. If a project doesn’t have all the elements needed for success, they do whatever it takes to turn the project into a winner before accepting it. It doesn’t do the client any good if they get what they asked for but not what they need. Axiom knows how to find out what a customer really needs and they know how to get it done.

    Axiom has been producing stellar products for over 20 years and knows where the pitfalls are. They’ve organized to ensure they never make the same mistake twice. And after about twenty years of that, you’ve got a software development juggernaut. Fortunately for MicroStation CAD managers everywhere, this juggernaut is for hire.

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