How to undelete your weekends

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Attachments update like magic with RefManager.

By Steve Palmer

Clearwater, Florida, USA — If you are responsible for updating dozens (or hundreds) of project sheet files during the lifecycle of large MicroStation projects, weep no more.

Clinical tests confirm RefManager’s new “Clone or Replace Reference File Attachments” command is proven to undelete entire weekends.

Are these your plans for the weekend?

During RefManager’s beta test for this new feature (mid 2007), eager MicroStation users practically ripped the beta version from Axiom’s hands. They confirmed RefManager’s new “Clone or Replace Reference File Attachments” command makes short work out of tedious, error-prone reference file updates.

If each MicroStation project consisted of only one unchanging sheet file with one unchanging reference attached – no problem. Set it and forget it.

But you know, too well, how MicroStation designs evolve and change over time. Colleagues and subcontractors handling various project disciplines submit new or revised reference files, weeks or even months after initial project design. Design files representing existing roads, drainage, topography, utilities and other disciplines are inevitably added or renamed during the course of a project. Plot sheet master files must be updated with the new and revised reference files as they become available.

Some of the incoming reference files must be attached for the first time to existing project sheet files; the remaining incoming reference files must replace existing attachments. And, if you’re the person responsible, you know each renamed or new attachment must be properly scaled, rotated and clipped, with correct level display and level symbology settings. If you have to attach each new or revised reference file manually, one at a time, that’s a lot of mouse-clicks!

And no rest for the weary – more updated reference files are expected on Monday, so hurry up! But don’t be discouraged, your three-man-year project is 2% complete – only 98% to go!

The solution
Wait a minute, you aren’t really trying to replace and update all those reference files without RefManager, are you?
RefManager’s new “Clone or Replace Reference File Attachments” command makes this common problem a piece of cake.

“Well, great! Now, I only have to do this 999 more times. I need RefManager bad!”

Here’s the trick: Your existing sheet files already contain attachments which are properly offset, scaled, rotated and clipped, with proper level display and level symbology settings. RefManager copies the settings from one or more of your carefully tweaked existing attachments and uses those settings to attach new or revised reference files. There’s a good reason Axiom has delivered an unprecedented number of new RefManager licenses since the “Clone or Replace Reference File Attachments” command was introduced.

Classic RefManager features
RefManager didn’t fall off the turnip truck yesterday (actually, it just celebrated its 20-year anniversary). The new “Clone or Replace Reference File Attachments” command is just the latest addition to RefManager’s versatile, time-saving bag of tricks.

Have you ever moved a collection of MicroStation project files to a new server drive or into a new folder? And everything went smoothly, did it? Oh, sorry to hear that. Well, RefManager is used by MicroStation sites around the globe to update reference file paths after project files have been moved to a new server or new directory.

How do you confirm the nesting depth, level display or level symbology settings for your reference files? One at a time manually? Ouch! With the click of a button, RefManager can report settings details for all reference file attachments in all of your project master files. Easy!

See for yourself.
If any of the preceding is hard to believe, you should see it for yourself. In just a few minutes, a knowledgeable, friendly Axiom expert can give you a RefManager test drive on-line without ever leaving your desk. All you need is a phone and a browser.
Learn how RefManager can undelete your next weekend — and all your weekends after that.

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