How to win the war on MicroStation terror

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  • MicroStation users overcome fearsome productivity barriers!

    Clearwater, Florida, USA — Have you ever encountered a situation that made you want to send an SOS?

    • You’re in the trenches. 250 design files and their reference files must be submitted tomorrow and you notice all the links to the reference file attachments are broken.
    • You think you are done and notice that your client’s company name is misspelled in 300 design files.
    • After taking hours to import a spreadsheet containing the costs of all the materials involved in a project, you discover the spreadsheet has been updated and has almost completely changed. Now you have to go back and re-import!
    • You are ready to submit the design file to your client. Suddenly the system crashes and an error message comes in: “Unable to open design file. Please contact your local site administrator blah blah blah…”

    Should you send up the white flag? No — you call Axiom.

    Our goal, at Axiom, is to help you win the war against MicroStation production barriers. We want to help you handle MicroStation problems, save time and meet your project deadlines. Find out how others have dealt with missed deadlines, late nights, lost weekends and upset clients. In this article, we share some of our all-time favorite war stories with you.

    How to save time, meet deadlines and look like a MicroStation genius as you easily handle everything that comes your way.
    The tedium of repetitive manipulation of design files ties up valuable resources, consumes man-hours and devours project profits. With the tools in MicroStation Productivity Toolkit, expensive, time-consuming tasks can be a thing of the past.

    Here’s what a few of our clients wanted you to know:

    “Last week I was asked to convert 200 drawings from an existing design for re-use in a new project. The task required all existing references and mark numbers on all drawings be re-mapped to new project numbers. The project manager was worried that this would not be achieved by the first submission date, especially after a manual trial run of ten drawings. He was skeptical when I told him I could do all of them in one afternoon if he wanted. It took a couple of hours for Global File Changer to automatically process all 200 files, most of which time I was still productive doing other tasks. To do this manually would have taken weeks. Instead of being behind schedule, the project is a few weeks ahead of schedule!” C.A.

    “[Before Microsoft Office Importer] there was a lot of time being wasted. We used to have to bring in spreadsheets one column at a time. Instead of wasting about an hour per revision, I used Microsoft Office Importer and handled the problem in four clicks of a mouse.” C.M.

    “We recently had thousands of reference files that got messed up and would have taken at least two weeks to fix. RefManager fixed them automatically in four hours.” L.C.

    “I now love RefManager! I wasn’t looking forward to changing 1300 reference file attachments manually.” C.S.

    MicroStation quality of life
    You can spare yourself the worry and aggravation of not having the tools you need to get the job done, by just having Toolkit ready in your arsenal. Our clients share how the versatility of MicroStation Productivity Toolkit relieves project anxiety:

    “We started using Microsoft Office Importer on one of our larger projects and some of the Product Managers liked it so much that they started using it for the index and summaries of a lot of our smaller projects.” S.K.

    “I use the tools in Toolkit every day and it’s invaluable. A problem will come up and I’ll say, ‘I bet we can solve that with Toolkit’, and we usually do.” L.C.
    “Do yourself a favor and buy MicroStation Productivity Toolkit.” B. M.

    Trouble getting everyone doing it right?
    MicroStation Productivity Toolkit applications can be used to ensure project quality and standards — while still meeting deadlines. By submitting error-free designs on time, and meeting or exceeding your customer’s expectations, you’ll impress them and secure future business. SpecChecker (part of MicroStation Productivity Toolkit) is particularly handy for automating quality assurance checks and repairs. Here are some examples from MicroStation Productivity Toolkit owners:

    “Using FileFixer and SpecChecker we are able to stop problems before they affect our schedules.” D.H.

    “I’ve used SpecChecker to reorganize the symbology of elements in many of our design files. This saves me 85% of the work I would have had to do myself!” F.L.

    “When dealing with lots of CAD files like I do, I don’t know how I could check all of them if I didn’t have SpecChecker.” S.A.

    Save money and increase profits.
    There is no better evidence of the cost-effectiveness of MicroStation Productivity Toolkit than the results owners achieve with it. MicroStation Productivity Toolkit owners explain:

    “My company has a corporate Bentley license (about 30 sites) and this office was the first one to acquire Microsoft Office Importer. Every chance I get, I tell the other sites that it works and that within the first week, it paid for itself.” S.C.

    “When it comes to the purchase of additional licenses of MicroStation Productivity Toolkit, money is not an issue. My guys rave about Axiom tools. Just the other day, we handled 6,000 design files with RefManager and it saved us an incredible amount of time.” M.E.

    “I love FileFixer. It saves me many, many man-hours!” M.K.

    FileFixer alone makes MicroStation Productivity Toolkit worth it!” R.S.

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