Incorporating new Title Block Manager to your title block workflow

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  • CLEARWATER, FLORIDA, USA — Convinced that the MicroStation community needs a simple-to-use system for maintaining title block standards, coupled with a batch reporting and updating ability, Axiom recently announced the newest release of its latest V7 tool, Title Block Manager version 1.1.

    With Title Block Manager, users can create title block cells that adhere to their CAD standards and easily place the cells in their MicroStation files. Using Title Block Manager, users can then modify the data within the placed title blocks in batch, whenever needed. Title Block Manager generates a database from the information in the placed title blocks, allowing the user to easily add, remove, edit and manage data within these title blocks.

    New Title Block Manager supports Enter Data Fields
    Using Title Block Manager, administrators can now create title block cells with Enter Data Fields, or EDFs, in them in the places where title block information will be later filled in by the drafters (EDFs, are placeholders representing characters used to reserve space in a text element for future input).

    Sample EDF in a title block

    New options for different title block formats
    The number of ways that companies format and update their title blocks is a testament to the creativity of CAD managers and designers. A sampling of MicroStation files from across the USA shows title block information in combinations involving cells, regular text, EDFs, tags and text nodes. Title block information can be partially or wholly in seed files or reference files or placed directly in master files.

    In order to support different company standards, Title Block Manager now provides options to place title blocks as shared cells, regular cells or simple elements (line and text elements). All formats support the use of EDFs and database update and reporting functions. CAD managers can set up a configuration variable to force placement of title blocks according to their preferred placement option.

    Title Block Client, a component of Title Block Manager, provides options to place title blocks as shared cells, regular cells or simple elements (line and text elements).

    Multiple title blocks
    The new version supports having more than one title block per design file. Each title block will have its own unique record in the Title Block Manager database from which it can be easily updated if needed.

    More enhancements
    Additionally, Title Block Manager now provides an option to lock title block elements when they are placed in the design file. Using this option, title blocks can only be edited by users with administrator privileges.

    Current users will notice a streamlined user interface. With the new database selection field on the main dialog box, it is simpler to create and update different Excel databases from any group of MicroStation files containing Title Block Manager title blocks.

    Using MicroStation’s “Paste Special | Linked Microsoft Excel Worksheet” command, the spreadsheet was not wholly imported and each character was imported as a separate text element.

    The text in the spreadsheet imported with Microsoft Office Importer was pasted as text elements, grouped per cell.

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